61st Annual Fair of Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji on Feb 19 

Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha

61st Annual Fair of Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji on Feb 19 

Jalandhar, February 5, 2024: The 61st Annual Fair of Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath ji is going to be celebrated on 19th February at Mandir Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji (Jathera), Basti Peer Dad, Sher Singh Colony, Jalandhar. The arrangements for the success of the fair are being made. In this connection, meetings have started taking place. 

The first meeting in this regard was held at the Mandir Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji (Jathera) on December 31, 2023.  Another meeting of the office-bearers was held at the residence of Arun Bahri, President, Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha and Rajeev Mohindru, Joint Secretary of Biradari. In this series, yesterday’s meeting was held at the residence of Biradari Vice President Rajat Mohindru in which Diwan Chand Mohindru, Anupam Mohindru, Sanjay Mohindru, Raj Kumar and others were present.

Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha president Arun Bahri said that every year number of devotees are increasing and this year the number of devotees is likely to increase manifold. He said that with the sincere efforts of the committee regular construction work at the temple premises is on and they all have one thought of making this temple beautiful. He appealed to the devotees to send ample of funds for the more development works to be carried out in the future.

Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha chairman Navneet Bahri said that it is all the collective working of the committee that a new look has been given to the mandir. He said that the devotees’ financial assistance and their commitment to make the mandir modern and beautiful are being fulfilled with the blessings of Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji.

Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha general secretary Rakesh Bahri has said that the annual financial budget of 2023-24 was passed in the general meeting house and they are committed towards the development of the mandir.

Mela Chairman Parveen Mohindru, Mela Vice Chairman Rahul Bahri, Puneet Mohindru and Mela Coordinator Ravinder Mohindru have said that the annual fair will be celebrated with great pomp and show. Early in the morning havan yajna will be organised and Kapil Kohli will sing bhajans in favour of Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji and at noon the President of the Biradari Sabha Arun Bahri will unfurl the sacred flag and then prasad will be distributed to the devotees in shape of langar. All the members have said that on Basant Panchami Day (Feb 14) celebrations will also be organised in the mandir premises.

Navneet Bahri Chairman, K.K. Bahri Patron, Arun Bahri President, Salil Bahri Senior Vice President, Manoj Mohindru, Shakti Mohindru, Rajat Mohindru, Deepak Mohindru all Vice Presidents, Rakesh Bahri General Secretary, Satish Mohindru Cashier, Parveen Mohindru Mela Chairman, Rahul Bahri, Puneet Mohindru Mela Vice Chairman, Arun Mohindru, Suriender Mohindru, Rajesh Bahri, Akash Mohindru  Secretaries, Anil Mohindru, Rajeev Mohindru Joint Secretaries, Hemant Bahri Auditor, Ravinder Mohindru Mela Coordinator, Neeru Mohindru, Gauri Mohindru , Deepika Bahri, Shilpa Mohindru, Simmi Mohindru, Ashu Bahri, Neeru Mohindru, Deepika Bahri, Anita Mohindru, Reetika Mohindru are whole heartly carrying out their duties as allocated to them for the success of the fair.