58th Annual function of Shri Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji to be celebrated with great enthusiasm 

The meeting of executive committee of Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha held 

58th Annual function of Shri Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji to be celebrated with great enthusiasm 

Jalandhar: The meeting of the Executive Committee of Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha (Regd) was held under the presidentship of Arun Bahri today.

In the meeting, President Arun Bahri said his main objective is to beautify the Temple Shri Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji (Jathera) and to celebrate the 58th Annual Fair with pomp and show on 22nd February, 2021. He said that infrastructure development is on in the premises of the temple. He appealed to the Biradari members to contribute for the development of the temple. 
Mela Chairman Parveen Mohindru and Mela Co- Chairman Rahul Bahri said that preparations for the annual fair are in progress and the premises of the temple will be sanitized and the guidelines as issued by the administration will be followed strictly. The wearing of face mask will be necessary. 

Those present included Navneet Bahri, Rajat Mohindru, K.K. Bahri, N.K. Mahendru, Rajesh Bahri, Rakesh Bahri, Rajiv Mahendru, Anil Mahendru, Ravinder Mahendru, Arun Mohindru, Manoj Mahendru, Ravi Mohindru, Sumit Mohindru, Madur Bahri, Anita Mohindru, Deepika Bahri, Vandana Bahri, Neeru Mohindru, Gauri Mohindru, Simmi Mohindru, Ashu Bahri, Poonam Mohindru, Kamni Bahri, Ratti Bahri, Harish Mohindru and Deepak Mohindru were present.

The list of new office of Mohindru Bahri Biradari Sabha (Regd) were also announced. The detail is as under: Chairman Navneet Bahri, Patron K.K. Bahri, President Arun Bahri, Vice President Salil Bahri, Manoj Mohindru, Shakti Mohindru, Harish Mohindru, Chander Mohindru, Deepak Mohindru Vice President and P.R.O., General Secretary Rajat Mohindru, Mela Chairman Parveen Mohindru, Mela Co Chairman Rahul Bahri, Mela Co Chairman Puneet Mohindru and Social Media Incharge, Secretary Rakesh Bahri, Satish Mohindru, Arun Mohindru, Surinder Mohindru, Rajesh Bahri, Akash Mohindru, Joint Secretary Rajiv Mohindru, Anil Mohindru, Cashier Arvind Mohindru, Joint Cashier and Auditor Heman Bahri, Mela Co-ordinator N.K. Mohindru, Mr Suresh Mohindru, Ravinder Mohindru, Anil Mahendru.