30 Super bikers honored BSF Soldiers at Atari Border by Rev Salute

Actor Amit Sadh joined bikers from Delhi to Atari Border

30 Super bikers honored BSF Soldiers at Atari Border by  Rev Salute

A group of thirty super bikers from RPM India with their superbikes made the first mile of a 500 km drive from Palam Air Force Station, New Delhi to reach Atari Border, in order to pay homage to our brave BSF soldiers. Shri.Pushpendra Singh Rathod, DIG - BSF flagged off to this iconic journey of RPM India’s super bikers.


Actor AmitSadh expressed his views and said, I’m very proud & honoured to be a part of Biker Salute 3.0. It is very rare for people to get a chance like this and express their solidarity towards our soldiers and I’m glad that I’m a part of this noble initiative.


Shri.Pushpendra Singh Rathod, DIG – BSF, said, “I, on the behalf of BSF, am very proud of our beloved bikers to see such an appreciable initiative to respect our soldiers. By taking the time off their busy schedules for this milestone, RPM India has already earned our respect. Our servicemen look forward to welcoming the bikers at the Atari Border.


Ms. KanikaChhabra, Head Communications, RPM India said, “We are very privileged to see our super bikers with an opportunity to honor our troops at the Atari Border. This initiative is going to be an inspiration for youngsters, but it is nothing compared to the sacrifices our soldiers do for our country throughout the year.”


Roaring Power Machines, or RPM India, is a well-known community of bikers spread across the nation, which is dedicated to riding for a cause. The ‘BikerSalute’ voyage is one of a kind occasion in which 30 superbike riders traveled a total distance of over 1000 km, in order to give a ‘Rev Salute’ to our soldiers posted at the Atari Border. RPM India is the only bikers community with permission to visit Atari Border for this occasion.