The 2019 Mercedes V Class replaces the aging Viano

Mercedes is renowned worldwide for its best in class luxury and sport vehicles. The words Mercedes and van seldom come together in the same sentence. It is all about to change with the entry of the all-new 2019 Mercedes V Class MPV. It promises to be as rich and luxurious as all other Mercedes vehicles with an added ability to ferry a large group of people.

The 2019 Mercedes V Class replaces the aging Viano on which it is loosely based on. The MPV is loaded with all the bells and whistles from the other products in the manufacturer’s portfolio. In fact, the overall design scheme of the vehicle is heavily inspired by the latest C Class sedan.

MPVs have carried around the stereotypes of being boring in the looks department since long. The Merc V-Class certainly does its job to get over the stereotype. The design language is similar to what is observed on other cars in the manufacturer's lineup. The front fascia features a striking and sharp design that is almost entirely lifted out of the Mercedes Benz C- Class sedan.

The 2019 Mercedes V Class features a complete overhaul from the Viano. The exterior now appears much more refined and sophisticated while the interior is far more luxurious with premium soft-touch materials spread generously throughout the cabin.

Powering this massive vehicle is a 2.1L diesel motor mated to a 7 speed 7G Tronic gearbox which produces peak power of 161 hp and 187 hp depending on the tune of the motor opted. The V class is a people mover and not a sports car that you can thrash around the corners. The MPV takes a while to gather some momentum but it carries it pretty well at high speeds.

The moment you take a ride on the V-Class, as a passenger or a driver, the commercial underpinning of the car become rather evident. Since the V-Class comes from the Mercedes stable, it does the luxurious bit quite well.  A brief look inside the cabin makes it clear that Mercedes has not put in a half-hearted effort on the inside of the car as well. The driver is offered a complete Mercedes experience with a 7-inch floating touch screen mounted on the dash in the front and all leather heated seating surfaces.

The seats of the car can be arranged in any desired specification though moving them around is a bit troublesome. The big windows in the car ensure that you won’t feel claustrophobic no matter where you’re seated. Overall, the V-Class makes the transition from a van to a business class transport quite well.

Being a flagship German MPV, safety features are aplenty on the Merc V-class. All the basic features such as airbags, ABS, ESP, emergency brake assist are present on the V-Class.

There are no high-end features such as night vision camera etc on offer but an optional safety pack can be included to add some extra active safety features.

There is no denying that the Mercedes V-class MPV is as close as you can get to a business class style cabin. There no shortage of feel-good element no matter where you choose to sit in the car. Even when it comes to features, you’d find the car just as tech savvy as any other Mercedes but it does come at a hefty premium over other cars in its segment. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019