150 senior citizens attend cancer awareness seminar

Excessive use of pesticides one of most problematic reasons of cancer

150 senior citizens attend cancer awareness seminar

Chandigarh: As many as 150 senior citizens attended a cancer awareness seminar at community center, Sector 37, Chandigarh today. Among others SD Kalia, president of senior citizen council was also presented.

Speaking during occasion, Dr. Shubh Mahindru, senior cancer surgeon at Ivy Hospital, Mohali said that initial symptoms of cancer should be taken quite seriously. These symptoms include an ulcer that does not heal, painless hard lump in the breast or elsewhere, difficulty in swallowing, nagging cough or hoarseness of voice, white or red patches in oral cavity, obvious change in a wart or mole, change in bowel habits, significant loss of appetite and weight, excessive bleeding after menopause, and unusual bleeding in stool, urine, sputum or vomitus, he informed.

Elaborating causes of cancer, he said that excessive use of pesticides has become one of the most problematic reasons of cancer. Pollution, unhealthy life style, some infections, smoking, excessive drinking and chemicals are some of the other causes of cancer.

He said that some people have a wrong notion that older people are not fit for cancer treatments. In fact, old age is not an obstacle in its management. It is the patient’s general health condition that determines his suitability for cancer treatment at an old age.

He also emphasized that people should undergo regular self-examinations, screening tests and check-ups by oncologists to recognize this disease in initial stage itself so as to protect themselves from its devastating ill effects. They should follow healthy life style, indulge in healthy eating and do regular exercise to maintain ideal weight. They should also refrain from taking tobacco products and excessive drinking besides getting themselves vaccinated against infections responsible for causing cancer, maintained Dr Shubh.