10th CBSE Result likely to be declared this week you might feel stressed around results time

Remember, your life and health is more important than an exam you might not even remember it's result later
(by Kavita Sharma, Chandigarh-based Educationist who runs a foundation course based coaching institute)
Waiting for exam results can be a nerve-wrecking experience – especially during the matriculation years. CBSE to declare the Class 10th results very soon. This year the examination began in the second week of March and over 16,350 school registered.
Getting exam results, especially during the life changing years like 10th class overwhelms the students in every possible direction, it can leave you in euphoric condition or sometimes highly depressed state of mind, since for many the selection into desired courses depend on the percentile aggregate.
you must have a peculiar ideology about results, it says “’Exams and results’ is a bumpy ride but it can’t halt your journey. No exam result is so important to stop you from achieving your goals in the long run”. Also the aggregate does speak for the theoretical excellence, but it does not reflects your personality.
More often we are unable to find results due to the following factors:

· The persistent urge to beat oneself for good results in spite of desired career is too high.

· Pressure from parents and peers who expect you to get good results.

· Worrying about the future and whether you’ll make the right choices for the year ahead.

· You might feel overwhelmed by changes such as leaving home, starting a new life, moving away or maybe you’re anxious to leave home.
While the exhausting season of results, along with all these factors, catches on, SWOT concludes with some essential tips for the examinees to withstand stress:
§ Take time to rejuvenate

§ Think Positive

§ Enjoy humour to have a good laugh

§ Avoid ruminating

§ Spend time with resolved people

§ Try progressive muscle relaxation

§ Remind yourself of your strengths time and again

Friday, June 2, 2017