108 Ambulance organises First Responder Program held at Ludhiana

108 Ambulance organises First Responder Program at Aura Gym, Club Road Ludhiana.

108 Ambulance organises First Responder Program held at Ludhiana

Ludhiana , 23 May ,  2022 : Leading Healthcare Service provider and responsible for handling emergency Accidental cases in Punjab, 108 Ambulance services  organized  First Responder Program for fitness enthusiasts and Gymholics at Aura Gym, Club Road, Ludhiana.  This type of  program was specially organized to make people  aware about effective first aid training & its importance whenever an emergency occurs, be it at  home , workplace or any public area . The program was organised in the presence of FRP Trainer Jaswinder Singh, Cluster Manager Raghuraja Sharma and Marketing Manager Deepak Kumar.

The  COVID -19 outbreak taught us countless life lessons along with reinforcing the well-known phrase "Health is Wealth''. Keeping this saying in view Ziqitza scheduled the training where FRP Trainer Mr. Jaswinder Singh gave a clear explanation  on how First Aid in emergency situations like CPR, Heart Attack, Bleeding, Fracture, Snake Bite, Fainting, Choking, and Hypoglycemia, etc must be given to the patients . A demo was also shown to give a clear understanding on how emergency cases are well taken care of.  More than 30 people attended the program.

Divulging details about the Program, Saikat Mukherjee, Project Head 108 Ambulance said, "Our main aim of organizing this event in the Gym was to enlighten about the Importance of  First Aid. i.e how it helps minimize the  seriousness of the injury,  if provided timely to patients. People in Gym are much exposed to workout injuries be it sprain , back injury or ankle issue. The importance of First Aid helps in healing these injuries timely , and also increases  social awareness among  them . In today's time everyone must be aware of first Aid as it always plays an important role  and we hope that our program comes as a helping hand.

According to my ideology it becomes an inner sense of happiness when an individual observes his help becoming life saving for another.  "We keep on organizing Such Programs for the betterment of  Society,  added Mukherjee.
Also being responsible citizens of the country, we must give way to an ambulance , as they play pivotal role in the golden hour . Every second counts in a medical emergency, it may mean the difference between life and death.”