"A Think Lab was inaugurated by Dera Bassi MLA Mr. N K Sharma at Dikshant Global School, VIP Road, Zirakpur."

Zirakpur, December 23, 2017: Tricity's first facility of its kind - a 'Think Lab', was inaugurated at Dikshant Global School here by Dera Bassi MLA, N K Sharma.

The 'Think Lab' set up at the School will help students learn innovation skills & sculpt new ideas through hands-on/do-it-yourself activities. There are multiple tools available here for innovating. The lab provides facilities like soldering, sensors, arduino single-board microcontrollers & microcontroller kits for building digital devices, Raspberry Pi a tiny computer that you can be used to learn programming the fun way, practical projects, 3D printers, internet of things - which means the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices , drones, robotics, wood and carpentry work, lathe machine work, drilling work, hand and power tools for projects etc.

"The Think Lab will provide students' widespread access to modern means for invention. This lab will unleash students' entrepreneurial spirit & ignite their inner innovator- by which they will be able to build, invent, and test their own creations in a hands-on prototyping space." Said Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Dikshant Global School.

Students will also work on real time projects including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

"We will be able to create technology innovations for applications in multiple sectors including space, agriculture, health, and natural resources etc. We will get to work with latest technologies and tools of electronics." Said Siddhant Kapoor, a Grade VIII student of Dikshant Global School.

In fact on the day of inauguration, students' showcased some of their projects developed using equipment at the Think Lab. Parents were able to see an 'Object detection sensor'. In this when the IR transmitter emits radiation, it reaches the object and some of the radiation reflects back on the IR receiver. Based on the intensity of the reception by the IR receiver, the presence of any object in front of sensor is detected & a Buzzer gets on. A very novel 'Touch sensor' was also shown to parents. Students created an 'Automatic Street Light' too, which was made using sensors. A 'Magnet Sensor' was also presented by the young scientists.

Think Lab has equipment appropriate to the age of intended students. The lab has been envisaged to be the hub for innovation, invention, making, tinkering and giving shape to ideas which help solve local & global problems using technology. Some of the projects on which students will work in future are pollution monitoring devices, device for prevention for heart attack, security system using sensors, automation system, smart blind stick, smart shoes for visually challenged, automatic touch less trash can, drones with application in agriculture sector, robotics and so on.

Saturday, December 23, 2017