“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”


Jalandhar, December 22, 2017: CAS- Creativity Activity Service is a subject that is taught in I.B Diploma Programme which is based on the ideals of creativity and human service to mankind. The students of IBDP (Sr.) were engrossed in their CAS project where they have collected various nonperishable items and sold them to the needy people at extremely low prices within the premises of PIMS hospital. With their project they raised funds for the underprivileged.
In the weather where the mercury is dropping down immensely our students are busy in generating some funds to help the needy to combat the extremely cold weather. Through the fund that was generated after selling the collected goods the students bought and distributed blankets to the poor people who are forced to live in open areas in this harsh climate. This project will help the students in becoming conscious about the situations that occur in the lives of underprivileged people. It is a small but concrete step from the side of our students to generate empathy among the masses in order to help those who actually need it.
The event was opened in the presence of Mr. Amit Singh, Director of Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences along with Mr. Sunil Sharma, Head of Administration, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences.
The Principal Mr. Stanley Anthony graced the occasion along with the Chief Academic Officer Ms. Deepa Dogra.. The children were overwhelmed by the immense response that the public gave them along with the dignitaries. The students were motivated by our Principal Mr. Stanley Anthony and Co-ordinator Ms. Rashmi Saini.
The event was also graced by the esteemed presence of the dignitaries from LWES, Chairman LWES, Mr. Ajay Bhatia, Vice Chairman, LWES, Mr. Nitin Kohli, President LWES, Mr. Deepak Bhatia, Senior Executive Director, LWES, Mr. J.K. Kohli, Chief Academic Officer, LWES, Ms. Deepa Dogra, Ms. Pooja Bhatia, Ms. Mona Bhatia, members of LWES Secretariat and Principals of other Cambridge schools.

Saturday, December 23, 2017