WOW Parenting Brings Christmas Cheer for Children across the Country


Pune, December 18, 2017: Christmas is just around the corner and WOW Parenting, a company that aims to help new age parents and assist them in their incredible journey of parenting, has come up with an exciting way to celebrate Christmas and spread the joy. They have designed an initiative in which they will be sending personalized letters to children from Santa Claus directly to their house. The idea is to make this Christmas extra special for them.

The personalized letters are designed in a way that they appreciate the child’s good behavior and tells them that they are being loved. In a very fun way it teaches children that Christmas is all about the spirit of giving and encourages them to give away their old toys and clothes to the less fortunate. This way they will experience the joy of sharing and help Santa in his mission to bring a smile to every child’s face.

All the parents need to do is send in the child’s name, address and some hobbies of the child. The elves at WOW Parenting are going to customize a letter for the child which he/she will receive on the day of Christmas. More than 350 parents have already registered since the launch of the campaign that happened on 13th December. The company aims at sending more than 1000 letters by the end of the initiative and bring back the warmth and love of handwritten letters.

Commenting on the initiative, founder of WOW Parenting, Mr. Narendra Goidani said, “We have tried to create something that will bring children closer to their parents, something that will be extremely personal to them. Handwritten letters from loved ones are saved, re-read, and carried about. It is just not the same printing out a typed email. We have aimed at creating a long lasting memory around Christmas that the kids will cherish forever. This initiative will boost their confidence and will make them experience the happiness associated with sharing something with the less fortunate.”

Monday, December 18, 2017