Thomson Reuters Delivers Greater Research Management and Search Functionality for MiFID II Unbundling in Eikon


Proprietary data capability and enhanced search functionality addresses the research management challenges facing the buy-side sector


Launched and incorporated into Eikon this year, the Search and Discovery (S&D) solution allows its users to quickly drill into multiple and disparate sources of unstructured text – news, filings, transcripts, research, etc. – with a single search. Search capabilities can also be extended, using Thomson Reuters proprietary data management capability, to documents uploaded by the user, or firm, allowing Eikon to act as the central repository for all key documentation in the investment decision making process. One central search capability makes searches more efficient, significantly reducing the time needed for an analyst to process and analyze large volumes of text. Search and Discover is powered by Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging, a set of advanced natural-language processing, text analytics, and data-mining technologies to quickly process large volumes of textual content to recognize entities, topics, and events.

“Buy-side professionals have been contending with information overload for a long time, and a research process that remains largely manual can hinder the ability to make fast investment decisions and achieve an advantage over competitors. With MiFID II coming into force, effective research management will be crucial,” said Mahesh Narayan, head of portfolio management and research, Thomson Reuters. “By improving search functionality and the storage of research on Eikon, we are empowering the buy-side with the tools they need to meet their evolving business needs.”

Additionally, Thomson Reuters allows the user to manage their research consumption with the context of the analyst’s StarMine performance. These unique industry leading analytics help the user to understand the estimate accuracy and recommendation performance of the analyst, an absolutely crucial context as the analyst processes and evaluates the views of the analyst community.

As one of the largest aggregators of real-time research in the world, Thomson Reuters offers a comprehensive portfolio of research-related products for both the buy-side and sell-side, and continues to focus on delivering MiFID II research-related solution and enhancements on Eikon to help clients prepare.

Earlier in 2018, Thomson Reuters announced a series of Eikon integrations and enhancements to further align with research unbundling requirements. Thomson Reuters also announced a partnership with Visible Alpha to bring three joint-solutions on to Eikon.

Thomson Reuters is committed to providing its clients with solutions to meet the full range of MiFID II regulations. Recently announced initiatives to help its clients achieve MiFID II compliance include: a partnership with BestX for FX transaction cost analysis; the launch of an enhanced analytics platform for best execution and SI determination (Velocity Analytics 8.0); plans to provide a holistic set of MiFID II services including multi-asset best execution, SI (Systematic Internaliser) determination, market data aggregation and bespoke reference data services; a collaboration with Tradeweb for APA (Approved Publication Arrangement) services; and enhancements to its Tick History feed. More on Thomson Reuters MiFID II solutions can be found here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017