Rakesh Kumar’s New Book "Earn Crores By Management, Railway Land A Valuable Asset", released


Ferozepur, January 1, 2018: Rakesh Kumar’s New Book "Earn Crores By Management, Railway Land A Valuable Asset", released by Divisional Railway Manager Sh.Vivek Kumar.
Sh.Rakesh Kumar presently working as Senior Section Engineer (Works)/Land & Heritage in Divisional Railway Manager Office, Firozpur.
Rakesh told that this book is a practical book, how Indian railways manage its valuable asset land and earn crores from it.
Railway land is the biggest asset of Indians Railways 458589 hectares out of which approx.46409 hectares in vacant from where it can earn crores of rupees monthly by proper commercial utilization of it.
High level safety review committee & Expert group for modernization of Indian Railway already suggests that railway may earn crores from Land by its commercial uses.
This helps railway to tackle with encroachments with effective way. This is practical reference guide for field staff how to manage railway land, who deals with land daily.
This will also helpful for companies who wants to establish their projects in railway land on lease bases/PPE basis.
Rakesh Kumar is known for his honesty in the Railways He thwarted numbers of attempts of private parties and land mafia grabbing the railway land in Firozpur Division.

He was awarded highest award of India Railways (MR Award) Ministry of Railway National Award for outstanding work for protecting the Railway land during the year 2009.He has also won highest award of Indian Railways ‘Ministry of Railway National Award for English essay Competition (Second Prize) for the year 2010’’.He also got Ministry of Railway National Award “Lal Bhadhur Sashtry” (First Prize) for the year 2016 for his technical book . He also got Group GM Award, Principal chief Engineering Award ,Divisional Railway Manager Award for year 2002.2008,2009 and 2012.He also got number of cash awards.
Baba Farid Society Faridkot Awarded “Baba Farid Award for Honesty of the year 2011” to Sh. Rakesh Kumar being most honest man. The includes Rs 50,000,citation, Doshala, Siropa.
Rakesh already wrote nine books seven on revolutionaries Udham Singh,Bhagat Singh secret hq,Gadhar Lehar etc.and two technical books.
On this occation Sr DEN(C) Sh Dinesh Kumar and ADRM ,J K Mittal,Jarnail Singh and other railway officersand staff are present.

Monday, January 1, 2018