Free Clinic inaugurated at Narangwal Khurd


Ludhiana, January 1, 2018: Free Clinic was inaugurated by villagers at Narangwal Khurd village on the occasion of New Year.
The newly inaugurated clinic will provide all medicines, consultation fees and tests free of cost. It has been set up with contribution by all villagers and NRIs of the village.
Jasmeen Singh Grewal, Paramjit Singh Grewal, Jatinder Grewal,Teja Singh, Panchayat and all villagers are the organisers.
In previous years as well, lot of work such as installation of 56 solar lights around village, school ground beautification, community places beatification, school ground boundary renovation, painting of school building and anganvadi building and renovation of gurudwara sahib, was done by organizers.

Others works in the pipeline include village outskirts road carpeting which is already approved, all streets to be concrete type, sewerage facility in village, plantation of trees in village and outer roads.

Monday, January 1, 2018