CPI Condemns statement of union minister Anant Hegde


Ludhiana, December 29, 2017: The City committee of the Communist Part of India (CPI) has strong words the statement of union minister Anant Hegde that those who talk of secularism do not know about their parentage which virtually means that they are illegitimate children.
At a meeting that was presided over by Com Gurnam Sidhu and was addressed by Com Ramesh Rattan – City Secretary, Dr Arun Mitra & Com D P Maur, it was stated that the constitution of India was drafted by those who struggled for independence and had sufficient knowledge of the cultural heritage of our country and the joint struggle waged by all sections of the Indian society against the British imperialism. No wonder the RSS and their outfit Jansangh which in now BJP never participated in the freedom struggle rather connived with the British. Their guru Golwalkar had in equivocally had appealed to the youth not waste their energy for fighting against the British.

The meeting observed that the statement of Hegde is a outcome of this mindset to create Hindu theocratic state and once again bring back the obsolete highly discriminatory caste system. History is witness that the countries which adopted theocratic state and did not care for social harmony have not progressed. On the contrary those who assimilated others and developed as a composite culture have progressed. The present attacks on the minorities by the Sangh Parivar are subtle move to create the situation of social disharmony and move towards Hindu Rashtra. This has to be countered by all patriotic forces together, the leaders said at the meeting.

Friday, December 29, 2017