Training session on fear management organised at CT Group


Amrit Kalsi, Manager Trainings, CT Group share tips to remove fear & grow
Jalandhar, December 27, 2017: Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. Discussing the role of mind and fear, a training session on fear management was organized at CT Group of Institutions, Shahpur. The key spokesperson was Ms.Amrit Kalsi, Manager Trainings, CT Group.

She addressed around 100 faculty and non-faculty members of the institute and had a discussion on various factors that causes fear and then discussed the solutions to overcome the same. The factors included fear of separation, fear of breaking an ice with unfamiliar people, fear of past and negative experiences and fear of false imagination.

While addressing the audience she said, “Fear of anything is as dangerous as cancer. It will not lead a person move forward in life. So, one must deal with the fear confidently and on a positive note. One should be learn the tips of starting a conversation with a stranger, forgetting what he might think. One should move ahead in life by forgetting the past experiences especially the bad ones. If somebody betrayed you in past doesn’t mean that everybody is same.”

She then spoke at length on body vibes and solutions to overcome fear like thinking positive about every situation and seeing your thoughts and feelings in front of the mirror, besides seeing how beautiful or handsome do you look in mirror.

S. Charanjit Singh Channi, Chairman, CT Group appreciated the initiative of conducting motivational sessions and said, “Such sessions are need of the hour as we often get too busy in our professional and personal lives that we don’t give due care on ourselves. We should feel motivated every time in order to gain fruitful results. We will organize similar training sessions from time to time.”

Wednesday, December 27, 2017