Kundli: On the occasion of Christmas, a Christmas Fest was organized at TDI Mall, located in Kundli. The festival celebration was followed by many interesting and colourful activities that were organized within the mall. The fulfilled activities and engaging events organized that were run throughout the week. The entire mall was decorated with Christmas trees, the statue of Santa Claus and lights.

A workshop was also organized for children on the first day of Christmas Week. The children actively participated and enjoyed each activity and game with full elation. Kids visited the mall took part in the program and made clay toys based on Christmas festival in the workshop. There was also an experienced team to train them on this occasion and their parents also gave their full support in the encouragement of the children. Children made Christmas trees and Santa Claus from the soil and decorated them with many colours.
All the participating children were also honoured with exciting prizes. Children seemed really happy as they received various gifts and prizes.

“The festival of Christmas is unique from the rest of the festivals and we all should celebrate it and share it with everyone. The talent shown by children and enthusiasm for this festival is appreciated and inspirational for everyone. We all should come together and celebrate the day while sharing love and affection with each other” says Akshay Taneja, Managing Director, TDI Group.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017