MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital unveils Zepto Precision Pulse Capsulotomy Device in Vijayawada


Zepto capsulotomy system to treat cataract introduced in A.P for the first time
Vijayawada, December 26, 2017: MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital has Launched Zepto Precision Pulse Capsulotomy Device in Vijayawada for the first time for the patients suffering from cataract problem. An Innovative, disposable device for cataract surgery, Zepto Precision-pulse technology is accurate, reproducible capsulotomy that is quick, safe, and affordable. Maxivision is the only Eye hospitals in A.P to provide advanced bladeless Zepto capsulotomy Services to its patients.

Speaking on the occasion Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy Founder, MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital said, The FDA approved Zepto capsulotomy system, is a disposable hand piece that uses a combination of calibrated suction and low-energy pulses to produce high-quality capsulotomies.It is used in normal surgical sequence instead of a cystotome and capsule forceps.Due to its unique design the Zepto system can also be used in challenging cases such as small pupils, zonulopathies, corneal opacities and intumescent cataracts.The innovative, disposable system aimed at providing reliable, reproducible, automated incisions in the crystalline lens during cataract surgery. This bladeless Zepto capsulotomy helps to heal the cataract patients very quickly with no stitches in the eyes as compared to other methods in use already.

Elaborating more on the Zepto Launch Parakala Prabhakar –Communications Advisor, Govt of Andhra Pradesh –said, according to World Health organization Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world.65% of blindness in India is due to cataract which can be cured with surgery. Various methods are being used to cure cataract problem by the eye doctors. Zepto capsulotomy system is one such advance method which helps the patient recover very fast with no stitches in the eye.The bladeless method will be boon for all those cataract patients who are suffering from the problem, he said.

Sudheer, COO of Maxivision Eye Hospital Group, said, Maxivision is focused on providing best quality eye treatment with state of the art technology and Experienced Surgeons together with best quality services. With our stringent quality check up methods patients feel safe and secure before and after treatment, he said. Maxivision is always focused on updating to the latest eye care technology, happening in the world, and provide these technology to the people of Andhra Pradesh to have best quality vision for their entire life.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017