Yoga and cancer awareness camp organised 

Jiwan Cancer Sahyog Trust organised the event

Yoga and cancer awareness camp organised 

Ludhiana: Yoga and cancer awareness camp was organised by Jiwan Cancer Sahyog Trust on 22nd November at Rose Garden, Ludhiana from 7 am to 9 am. This camp was organised to emphasis the role of holistic approach including yoga for general health as well as in cancer patients. 

Dr Amit K Dhiman explained the role of yoga and exercise in cancer patients as this provide balance between the mind and body which increases our body immunity to fight the diseases. 

Anuradha and Balraj Sharma taught yoga asanas to the participants which were of gathering of around 50-60. They explained that the basic purpose of yoga, i.e. asana and pranayama, is to gain balance of body, concentration of mind and control of breathing (pranavayu). By doing yoga asana, physical balance is achieved and breathing is controlled by pranayama.

Concentration of mind increases with both asana and pranamaya. This activity was well appreciated by the participants. 
This activity was participated by Cancer patients, old age citizens and young adults and teenagers. 

Teenagers enjoyed yoga well and motivated to do this on regular basis for body fitness. 

This is makes our future healthy.