World Cerebral Palsy Day celebration at Ashirwad


Ludhiana, October 12, 2018: Ashirwad on Friday organised a mega camp for children with cerebral palsy when more than 65 children were assessed and their families were given guidance regarding speech therapy, home based exercises, special education as well as guidance regarding surgeries.

Dr R S Sodhi (MS Ortho) examined these children and explained to their families different ways of managing the disability.

Dr Vibhu Narad, MD Pediatrics, also counselled the parents regarding nutrition as well as stages of development.
In India, 3.8% of the population has some form of disability due to different causes.
It was also an excellent opportunity to interact with so many parents.
Parents need to take an active role in a special needs child's daily activities at home in order to achieve best results and not just rely on the therapist or school. We had good interaction also regarding the rights that these children have under the RPWD Act and RTE Act.

It was heartening to see that many children are attending government schools, thanks to the active SSA program in Punjab.

Nearly 15-20% of the total physically handicapped children are affected by Cerebral palsy which is now the major cause of physical disability after eradication of polio in India. The estimated incidence is around 3/1000 live births.
The prevalence of CP has increased somewhat as a result of the enhanced survival of very premature infants weighing less than 1000 grams who go on to develop CP at a rate of 15 per 100.

Early diagnosis and early childhood intervention are the mainstay of management of any child with cerebral palsy to enable brain stimulation, development of social and language skills and minimise the physical manifestations of the brain injury. All parents and society need to come together to make this a movement so that persons with disabilities or the differently abled are able to achieve valued social roles and inclusion in the true sense.

"We are also very happy to share that on world Cerebral Palsy Day 6th October 2018 Ashirwad received Making Difference Institutional Award from ADAPT : Able Disabled All People Together at Mumbai", said Dr Neelam Sodhi, Director, Ashirwad- The North India Cerebral Palsy Association, Ludhiana.

Friday, October 12, 2018