With unique cova app feature, you can check distance from nearest covid positive patient

To ensure public safety, it also alerts district administration if quarantined persons goes beyond 100 mtrs: DC

With unique cova app feature, you can check distance from nearest covid positive patient
Mr Pradeep Kumar Agrawal,Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana.

Ludhiana: Deputy Commissioner Mr Pradeep Kumar Agrawal has urged the residents to use the COVA mobile app in large numbers because it can prove very beneficial for them. He informed that a unique in-built feature in the COVA App is helping the people of Punjab stay safe, by allowing them to check the distance from the nearest COVID-19 positive person, and also alerting the district administration if a quarantined patient or suspect moves beyond 100 meters of her/his base location.
            He informed that the feature is helping the authorities enforce quarantine restrictions, it is also enabling the people of the state to keep themselves and their family members/friends etc safe through a self-control mechanism.
            By geo-tagging the positive patients, the App helps the district administration trace locations that the positive individual has visited during the last few days. If the Bluetooth is switched on for mobile phones with COVA, the App will alert the citizen on coming in the Bluetooth range of a person suspected or positive with COVID-19. This also helps the Health Department and the district administration trace the contact history of positive patients.
            Mr Agrawal informed that for the App to be effective, therefore, the GPS location and Bluetooth needs to be switched on for the mobile phones of the patients.
            Further, the COVA dashboard enables the district administration to track the quarantined individuals and monitor their movements away from their base location. These mobile numbers can also be used by the Telecom providers to track movement if the location or Bluetooth is disabled. The telecom companies send hourly reports to the Department of Health on breaches in each district.
            Notably, he COVA App has had more than 10 lakh downloads till now and is enabling the citizens as well as the government officials to effectively execute lockdown and social distancing norms, while making available access to essentials and other important services.