Why is career counseling in India important?

A comprehensive report on the topic.

Why is career counseling in India important?

Most people have childhood memories of failing at different things. Be it falling from the bicycle on their first ride or making burnt food while cooking for the first time. Although these were not the things, people were expecting while trying that first-hand. Strictly speaking, these were not failures but a lack of proper guidance. Now, people will also remember when their father helped them in learning to ride, and started traveling much more distance without falling as compared to the first drive. The same applies to other work, where one needs guidance to perform at the best of their capabilities.

The same goes on with student life. Choosing the right school, buying the best books, getting school uniforms, and in the later stages, choosing the right stream for career choices is one of the stressful situations in the students as well as the parent's life. On the verge of making the right decision during the 10th or 12th or in later stages, most students are often disappointed by the future outcomes of their choices. And usually, at this point, people are not even familiar with what is best for them. Hence, it comes to the importance of expert opinions. With each person being unique in their skill sets and personalities, they require different solutions for their problems.

This is where career counseling in India works.

What is Career Counselling? 

Counseling is the way toward comprehension and surveying another person's anxiety, qualities, interests, and abilities to direct them towards the correct profession way. It guides the students for accessing and analyzing the career options that may be suitable for them. Understanding different career options help people prepare for the right choices as per their interests.

What are the reasons for career counseling?

Here are a couple of reasons that express why one needs career guidance:
●    Right career choice: Career counseling in India helps in analyzing the career options and choosing a career path that is best suitable for that particular student. As each student has a different set of qualities and preferences, hence are the choices. Career counseling is a way to get to the best suitable career option for students.
●    Accessing ourselves for getting insights: Finding strengths and weaknesses is an integral part of a person's development. Career counseling in India helps to obtain the potential and gain ideas for new potential skills. The advantages and weaknesses can be further used to improve ones' future prospectus.
●    Confidence booster: When one knows about their weakness, they have the option to correct it. It shields from the negativity that is around society. Career counseling also reduces the anxiety students have about their future. It makes them aware of the best options available and hence boosts their confidence as well.
●    Expert information available to you: A good counselor can open new worlds for students. These moments are a very crucial part of each person's life, which decides the course of their life. A good career counselor can provide the right recommended information based on one's' interests, which may prove to be a life turning point for students. The expert's knowledge is invaluable for the right career guidance.

How is it done? 

Psychometric Testing (Career Assessment) is a logical and standardized procedure done to assess an individual's disposition and character. Psychometric appraisals are a Career Counselor's device, which is utilized to get the most critical data about a student's conduct, enthusiastic quality, interests, and aptitudes. This data encourages what sort of careers would be reasonable for an applicant. All these are a standard process followed by counselors to assist students in decision-making.

Who performs it?

A good career advisor holds a graduate degree and has relevant expertise in profession advancement hypothesis, guiding strategies, organization and translation of appraisals, and career data assets. In any case, with the expanding interest for career counseling in India, anybody with enthusiasm to make someone's life better through their knowledge and guidance can opt for these professions. The minimum requirement to get into this career demands a graduation degree. But since guiding people need experience, a Masters degree is much preferred for this career. If not masters, one can take up directing accreditation courses from presumed foundations, practice under prestigious advisors, and become a lifelong guide.

Research study 

There were many studies conducted in the 1920s and 1930s that show the enthusiasm for this honorable profession. They focussed on using psychometric tests as a tool to access the child's behavior and interests. These investigations showed that the individuals who entered careers per the suggestions by the counselors were happy and more steady in their occupations than those in professions varying from the recommended choices. They likewise demonstrated that in controlled preliminaries, the impact of guiding students was to raise the apparent horizons (knowledge) of their professions and to diminish work stress.
In many other nations:

Some of the best-educated countries, like Denmark and Finland, have conducted many studies showing the aspects and importance of career counselor career. The study says that as a nation progresses in the field of education development by adopting more flexible methods in teaching and through instructions, there will be a steady and progressive need of career counselors to guide the new generation through the advanced options.

Career counseling in India:

Career Counselling in India is yet to turn into the most significant profession before picking a business. In any case, because of innovation and the growing internet access, awareness concerning career guiding has expanded without a doubt. Online counseling (working from home) is undoubtedly one of the best methods to start your counselor career. It provides one with seamless access to billions of learners out there.

The career counseling profession is undoubtedly going to see an uprise with the rise of internet-based technologies and awareness about modern education. Chaos is often associated with more choices. As a student gets familiar with the vast career opportunities with an associated stream, they tend to get confused. This is where career counselors a significant role comes into play. Although it cannot be ignored that parents' decisions are the best for a child, in this developing economy, the parents may not necessarily know all the options which may be suitable for the child. An online career counselor with their expertise can help cross this situation by analyzing and giving the best appropriate recommendations as per the interests of the student.

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