What to expect from a course in Data Science

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What to expect from a course in Data Science

Technology moves fast. And as does the demand for data analysis to keep up with the rapid advancement in technology. As everything in our surroundings moves into an online platform, the requirement to maintain order in the interactive landscape that is the internet becomes more and more prominent. This is when, in 2001, William S. Cleveland combined data mining with computer science to create what we today call data science. Computer Science has never looked back since and the implication and impact of this on our society has been immense.

How and where to learn data science
As we can see the demand for data science has increased exponentially in the past few years, since its fledgling years in 2001. Big companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon are depending more and more on the analysis of big data to deliver better products. As the demand for data science increases in these corporate sectors, the demand for new and better places for learning data science also increases. New data science institutes in Delhi, Mumbai and other big cities have opened up in the last few years. Many established tech institutes have also added data science as part of their curriculum. There are still more establishments and institutions that offer online data science certificate. This is the field where the young and modern tech enthusiasts are flocking towards as they offer unlimited opportunities and plentiful chances to learn. 

Courses offered in Data Science
There are various options one can look at when deciding which particular course one should enrol in. Various institutes offer various kinds of courses. Many data science institutes in Delhi offer PG diploma courses to those who do not have an undergrad degree in computer science. Similar diploma courses can also be found in other cities across the country. Many institutes also offer online data science certificate courses for those who cannot attend full-time courses. In recent years some colleges have started undergrad degree in the data sciences as well, a nod to the ever-increasing demand of the field. 

Skills that a degree in data science will teach you:
Be it a full-time course from an institute in a big city or an online data science certificate course, one can expect to learn the following skills and tools which can help catapult themselves towards a successful career in Big Data
●    Statistics
●    Predictive analysis
●    Machine Learning with Python and MATLAB
●    Neural Networks and Natural Language processing
●    Finance and Revenue Cost Modeling

Data Science is an up and coming field which is taking the whole world by storm. From big corporate companies like Google and Amazon to ministry departments within governments are using data science and data scientists. The sky is literally the limit for those who want to pursue this path and great adventures with even greater rewards lay ahead for those people.