Westland Books to publish Who Killed Moosewala? -- a searing account of the singer’s death and its investigation  

Written by crime reporter Jupinderjit Singh, the book details the death and the subsequent investigation into the murder of one of the rising superstars of Punjabi hip-hop

Westland Books to publish Who Killed Moosewala? -- a searing account of the singer’s death and its investigation  

Westland Books today announced the release of Who Killed Moosewala?, an account of the singer’s death and its investigation, by seasoned crime journalist Jupinderjit Singh. The book looks at the events of 29 May, the day the Punjabi hip-hop star was shot by six armed assailants while driving to his aunt’s house in Jawaharke village. The book also gives the reader an inside story of the gangs and violence in Punjab. The book is available for pre-order and will release on 5 June, 2023 across all online and offline bookstores.

Commenting on the book, author Jupinderjit Singh said, ‘Sidhu Moosewala’s killing had a deep impact on me.  As a crime reporter for over two decades, I have seen mutilated bodies and reported on gory crimes, terrorist strikes, and police encounters. But this senseless murder shook me to my core, especially when I saw the visuals of his grieving parents. While reporting on it I felt that news stories were not going to be enough and I decided to write this book. Of course, it required painstaking research, with hours spent poring over grisly details and delving into the intricate workings of crime scenes, killers and gangsters. The weight of responsibility to stick to the facts pressed upon my soul, especially because the investigation is still ongoing. I strove for authenticity, grappling with my own emotions. The toll on me is immeasurable, yet through it all, I persisted, driven by a desire to shed light on the murder that reminds us all of the fragility of life.’

Sanghamitra Biswas, Executive Editor, Westland Books, remarked, ‘Since Sidhu Moosewala’s death a year ago, Jupinderjit Singh has been reporting exhaustively on the crime as well as the investigation. His understanding of the case is strong and comprehensive. In this riveting book, backed by meticulous research, Jupinderjit offers up a fascinating portrait of the singer and the Punjab he inhabited.

About the Book
On 29 May 2022, Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moosewala left his haveli in Moosa for a quick ride to his aunt’s house in the neighbouring village. He was never to return home. The singer was ambushed and gunned down by six assailants. He was only twenty-eight.
The news of his death spread like wildfire; fans thronged to his village in Mansa district to pay their last respects. Others mourned him on social media. An icon for many, the rebellious young man had also been a controversial figure. There were allegations that he promoted gun culture and violence, and rumours that he had ties with certain gangs. With his sudden and violent death, the questions about his life became louder—as also those around his death. Who had killed Moosewala? Everyone wanted to know.
As the police made arrests and the investigation started in earnest, a story began to emerge—one of old enmities, uncomfortable truths, disgruntled youths and the violence that simmers in Punjab, just below the surface of everyday life. In this gripping and fast-paced book, seasoned crime reporter Jupinderjit Singh closely follows the investigation into Moosewala’s death and also offers us glimpses into the man he was behind the mask of celebrity. The story of the slain singer and those behind his murder, this book is also a rumination on the growing unrest in Punjab.

About the Author
Jupinderjit Singh is an award-winning journalist, specialising in crime reporting for The Tribune in Punjab. He has authored five books two of which have been translated into Hindi. He is known for discovering the lost pistol of Shaheed Bhagat Singh that was used to kill a British police officer in 1928. He was awarded the Prem Bhatia Young Journalist Award in 2005. He is a fellow with the Centre for Science and Environment and a FIDE-rated chess player and coach. He is also a motivational speaker.

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