Webinar on World Environment Day at PU

The webinar was initiated by Prof Anju Suri, Dean International Students

Webinar on World Environment Day at PU

Chandigarh: The office of Dean International Students in collaboration with Department of Sociology, Panjab University  and support from Department of History and Department of Environmental Studies, organized a national webinar on "India's Response to Global Call, Paris Agreement UN SDG-13 and COP -26 to celebrate World Environment Day, by Dr Srikanta K.Panigrahi ,Director General ,Indian Institute of Sustainable  Development(IISD), New Delhi.

The webinar was initiated by Prof Anju Suri, Dean International Students who highlighted the significance of environment and its protection especially during covid times as this is a crisis period which may have purified the air and improved environment due to presence of  lockdowns but she showed her concern about the worsening of environmental situation once the lockdowns are no more.

Prof Rani Mehta, Chairperson, Department of Sociology  introduced the dignitaries, emphasized on the uniqueness of planet Earth which provides life to several micro organisms, plants and animals including Human beings. She also raised the issue of vulnerability of ecosystems to environmental damage through the modernization processes of industrislization, urbanization, technological advancements etc.

Prof Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, PU in his inaugural address mentioned in a very practical and pragmatic way the importance of protecting the environment and highlighted the role which each individual can play in bringing about sustainability by following simple easy steps such as planting trees, removing garbage, switching off lights when not in use and his goal oriented approach also focused on the need to move from individual to community level for saving the environment. He wonderfully articulated the significance of a cleaner and greener campus for better work environment.

Dr Srikanta Panigrahi gave a very comprehensive and detailed analysis of the reasons for climate change which happens through the emission of greenhouse gases released from vehicles and industries  and is seen in the form of global warming as well as rising temperatures which cause floods, storms, decrease in food production and extinction of flora and fauna species. He also threw light on India's role in combating climate change by discussing about the mission approach in India which gives more importance to carbon management, enhanced energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture etc. He also described about India's INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions ) to healthy and sustainable way of living based on traditions and values of conservation and moderation. According to him, the problem of developed countries is over consumerism and for developing countries it is lack of cost effective technology. Thus, there is a need to have collective efforts and two important aspects - togetherness and innovation  for achieving sustainable development.

The talk was followed by a vibrant question answer session conducted by Dr Suman Mor, Chairperson ,Department of Environmental Studies . The Vote of thanks was presented by Dr Priyatosh Sharma, Chairperson, Department of History. The webinar was well attended by participants from the region.