Ways to surprise your wife at your marriage anniversary

Ways to surprise your wife at your marriage anniversary

Time flies when you are in love, making memories with your darling spouse. Anniversaries are one of the special celebratory milestones in every couple’s life. Together they have shared the ups and downs of each other’s lives, dealt with those together, and have got each other’s back to deal with what life has thrown at them. In this generation full of people getting all attracted to each other and mistaking it for love, these couples in love show us and reassure our faith and power in true love. Marriage is teamwork, no doubt, wherein both the partners need to make equal contributions to make it work. But somehow, the contributions of a good wife tends to overpower this relationship in a good manner. From looking after her household and to keep her husband happy - supporting him in whatever he pursues, a good wife is not giving up to cater to every need of her husband but to complement and contribute to the marital bond and husband’s personality, respectively. If your marriage anniversary is just around the corner, then gear up to surprise your wifey in the manner she had least expected. Build a romantic atmosphere and have one hell of a memorable time with her. Here’s how and what you need to do to make her feel special on your upcoming marriage anniversary. 

1.    Bake An Anniversary Cake - When it comes to us ladies, nothing seems sexier than our manhandling the kitchen and cooking/baking us some scrumptious meals. That is the reason we would suggest you bake her an anniversary cake to leave her surprised to the core. Look for an easy to make anniversary cake recipe online and get all the necessary ingredients ready a day prior. If you don’t think you are quite a baker, then you can actually order an anniversary cake online from some reputed online bakery, which would even offer you its efficient cake delivery in Hyderabad, Delhi, or some XYZ city that you are currently residing along with your partner. 

2.    Plan A Day Off Together - It is one of the most strongly held misconceptions that wives fall for only expensive gifts. Rather, they just need her husband’s love, time, and attention. That’s all! Which is why we would suggest you plan a day off and take her someplace nice. You can make some reservations at some posh 5-star hotel for a staycation or can plan some adventurous sport for the day. Whatever and however she has expressed to spend a day with you, you can make arrangements for the same and cater to her needs.

3.    Write Her A Love Letter - Sometimes, the little things are what takes up the most room in a loving wife’s heart. This is why writing a love letter to express all that you feel for her will make an incredible gift which she will love to cherish for the rest of her life. You can use some templates made available over a variety of websites online and can add a personal touch to it by adding some personal touches. Don’t forget to present to her along with a nice bottle of champagne and a bouquet of romantic flowers. 

4.    Take A Long Drive - Other than spending some quality time together, long drives gives a couple the time to rekindle the spark, which might have gotten lost amidst the tight work-life schedule and family responsibilities. So take a long drive to someplace in the outskirts of the city, play some romantic music in the car stereo, and bond over local cuisine and your personal connection with each other. 

So, what’s your favorite anniversary plan for your dearest wife among all these suggestions?