`Udyog Pal’ conferred on Mahesh Khanna

He is GM of DIC at Ludhiana

`Udyog Pal’ conferred on Mahesh Khanna
‘Udyog Pal’ being conferred on Mr. Mahesh Khanna (centre) by Mr. Ashwani Gupta, Mr. Parveen Aggarwal, Prof. (Dr) Rajendrakumar Anayath and Mr. Adarsh Pal Gupta.

Ludhiana: During North Zone Printers’ Meet, organized recently by the city based Offset Printers’ Association (OPA), ‘Udyog Pal’ (Friend of Industry) award was conferred on Mr. Mahesh Khanna for his services to the growth and development of trade and industries of Punjab in general and Ludhiana in particular. The award on the behalf of OPA was presented by Prof. (Dr) Rajendrakumar Anayath, Vice Chancellor, DBC University of Science & Technology, Mr. Adarsh Pal Gupta, Vice President (North) All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), Mr. Ashwani Gupta, Treasurer AIFMP and Mr Parveen Aggarwal, President OPA. 

Mr. Mahesh Khanna is the General Manager of District Industries Centre, Ludhiana, but besides his routine duties as a government officer he emphasized for the establishment of as many industrial clusters at Ludhiana. He has a passion for bringing Ludhiana as the top industrial hub of India and for the purpose he is always prepared to work round the clock, ignoring the office hours and official obligations. 

Considering his dedications, it was obligatory for OPA to give due honor to this unmatched government officer who is the true ‘Friend of the Industry’. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Parveen Aggarwal, President OPA said, by honouring Mr. Mahesh Khanna, the association is only acknowledging the debt of gratitude which the printers and other industry persons owe to him.
While thanking OPA for this gesture, Mr. Mahesh Khanna said, I am only performing my duties as per the directions of the government of Punjab, however, since Ludhiana is known as the Manchester of India, I wish that the city my grow with latest and top of the art industries and in the present age of global stiff competition, I do wish that there may be more and more ‘Common Facility Canters’ (CFC) so that the local industry may be able to withstand the global competition and Ludhiana may grow as the major industrial hub for the global outsourced work. Mr. Khanna also elaborated the details of latest industrial policy of Punjab and assured his assistance for any kind of information or approval of any industrial project.