Traders to strongly oppose ban on trade and industry during lockdown: PPBM

Say on one hand traders are paying taxes and on the other hand the government is imposing restrictions on them

Traders to strongly oppose ban on trade and industry during lockdown: PPBM
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Ludhiana:  Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal (PPBM) leaders have stated here today that GST worth Rs.1 lakh 30 thousand crores was paid by the traders during the corona pandemic period which is a huge achievement. 

Addressing a press conference here today, the PPBM state general secretary Sunil Mehra, state secretary Mohinder Agrawal, district president Arvinder Singh Makkar and chairman Pawan Lehar added that at the same time, they also paid bills such as water, sewerage, electricity and other taxes to the state government. But no relief was given by the state government during this pandemic period.

They said the state government has now extended the night curfew from 8 am to 5 am till 30 April and lock down has been imposed on Sundays, Which is an injustice to the traders. They pointed out that unemployment is increasing in Punjab, which is affecting the economy of Punjab and said that if the Punjab government wants to save the people from the pandemic, then the testings have to be increased and people should be made aware and motivated to get themselves vaccinated. They further pointed out that in view of the recession, such dictatorial orders should not be issued so that the people should not get disturbed. 

They further said that if the pandemic is to be defeated, it can only be possible with the cooperation of everyone. The traders are also ready to cooperate in this, but the order of the lockdown on Sundays is going to destroy the trade and industry because now the government has also stopped home delivery on Sundays. In areas where containment zones are being set up, curfew passes are not being issued by the administration to the traders. As a result, the traders will not be able to reach their respective workplaces. 

They warned that if this condition remained continued, then the traders will be forced to come on the roads, the entire responsibility for the will be of the state government. 

Further, they said the impact of the lockdown imposed in Delhi has started to appear on the industry in Punjab. Punjab traders are seen worried. At the same time, the migrant laborers have started moving to their home states. A similar situation has arisen last year too following which the hosiery industry here had suffered badly. They revealed that the industry has suffered a loss of Rs.3 lakh crores during the pandemic period. They said fifty per cent industries have already shut down and 5 lakh labour has not returned so far. 

They said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given relief to the countrymen from apprehensions like lockdown amid growing cases of Corona cases. The prime minister has assured the people that employment and vaccination will go together in the country. Not only this, the prime minister has also appealed to the states to adopt things like lockdown as the last option. The prime minister has also stated that we need to be aware today and If the society wakes up, then restrictions will not be needed from the containment zones to the lockdown. 

They pointed out that social organizations must come forward to  create awareness  among the masses so that the atmosphere of fear can be reduced. But, Captain Government has imposed restrictions, resulting to which there is a wave of resentment in the traders community. They said if the traders are not happy today, then what is the benefit of such governments. They regretted that on one hand traders are paying taxes and on the other hand the government is imposing restrictions on them, which will not be tolerated at all.