Tete-a-tete with Navin Pandita aka Ashwin in Sony SAB TV show Pushpa Impossible

The handsome actor will be seen playing Ashwin in Hatsoff Productions  new show Pushpa Impossible on Sony SAB.

Tete-a-tete with Navin Pandita aka Ashwin in Sony SAB TV show Pushpa Impossible
Navin Pandita aka Ashwin.

We have seen this model turned actor Navin Pandita in Gandii Baat, AapKe Aa Jane Se, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara and Ranju Ki Betiyaan. He is from Nagrota (Jammu& Kashmir).The handsome actor will be seen playing Ashwin in Hatsoff Productions  new show Pushpa Impossible on Sony Sab.

•    How was the transition from modelling to acting?
•    I have always been an actor and have always wanted to be one. But if any good modelling assignment comes up, I would most certainly take it up too.
•    What attracted you to accept this show?
•    Most television industry shows are very similar, a girl a boy, family, love, school, college etc. What attracted me to Pushpa Impossible was my mother Pushpa’s description. It was not the clichéd and regular mother. J D Majethia explained it all very interestingly to me, who is Pushpa, what is my relationship with her, my relationship with my siblings, the ambience of the chawl. It’s a fun show, even the story is very enjoyable. I am sure viewers would love viewing it also.   
•    What do you think makes your character Ashwin stand out?
•    Ashwin as a character is there in every middle class family. A responsible boy who needs to create an extra source of income, and that is his life’s motto. Ashwin is no different and despite being in a chawl environment, he is still very sophisticated, a gentleman and the best part of the character is that sometimes he has to become his mother’s mother. Since Pushpa’s characterisation is also a little child like in her heart and he has to take care of her too. So the speciality of  this character is when he has to become his parent’s parent.
•    How have you been specially preparing to bring your character to life?
•    For every new project that I take on, I surrender myself to my producers and directors. I believe that they have better knowledge of my character, at least in the beginning of the show. With time, once I get into the character, then things flow smoothly.
•    Can you share with us your thoughts on the concept of the show?
•    This is not a regular run of the mill television show. Our mother Pushpa is not a traditional mother, she gives it back to people and even to her kids. I would say this show is very colourful, its not just a comedy or tragedy show, it has all the colours of life and in that way is a complete show. The show is not only about Pushpa and her children, its about many other characters too which I request viewers to see. The characters will live with you, stay with you for a long time and become your friends.
•    You have some talented co-actors like Karuna Pandey, Garima Parihar and Deesha Duggad, how has been your experience working with them?
•    A lot of big seasoned names are there in the show and most are from theatre backgrounds. I feel overwhelmed and privileged to be a part of the show as I am also playing an important part. I am very grateful. Everyone around me is very welcoming and no one has any airs about being a bigger star. Everyone is beautiful inside out. We share the same kind of bond both onscreen and off screen too.
•    A mantra you believe in or swear by?
•    One thing I knew and believed all my life is: Just be in the moment, go with the flow.
•    When not on shoot how do you spend your day?
•    I love watching television. I like watching the news, web series, shows, movies in any language. I wake up daily by about 5 am, I meditate, I go for a run, if I am free I spend time at the gym. I try to eat good food and make an effort to have at least 80 per cent of my daily food should be healthy. I try to be happy always.
•    With good experience in the industry. What was the television industry taught you in your career?
•    The television industry has given me a lot and has taught me a lot too. The TV industry actors who can brave 12-15 hour shifts daily with just 4-5 hours of sleep and performing 7-8 scenes daily, they can do anything in life. They can do films, web shows. I want people to respect TV actors. I love television and I will continue to work in this medium till I get good work.
•    Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor?
•    I am an engineering graduate and I worked in Infosys as a software engineer. It was a good life. But for me my expression was acting. I was always fascinated by TV and all the beautiful people involved in the industry. I was always attracted to TV since my childhood. I want to portray all kinds of different characters. 
•    What do you feel is more important for an actor, talent or training?
•    Talent and training both are important. Training you also get with time. I have seen people who did not know any acting initially but are now doing very well. Acting is something that gets better with time like every other art form. I have been in the industry for 5 years now and I feel an actor actually has an actor’s instinct. They can get to know how to emote which normal people may not know. So that actor’s instinct is very important.
•    How do you maintain confidentiality about plot twists and other developments in TV productions before they air?
•    These days it is very easy for anything to get leaked. There are 100-200 people on a set and anyone can make a video and upload it. We always want that a show should come on air fast so that even we can upload the videos and photos we have clicked. But I think intrigue also drives TRPs, so we try our best to keep things under wraps till they finally go on air.
•    The entertainment industry is very changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
•    I see myself doing better shows and portraying better characters. I see myself doing more OTT, I see myself doing pan Indian films, I see myself doing a lot of stuff that I will like doing.
•    Anything in works that you can talk about?
•    There is this unique energy on the sets of Pushpa Impossible amongst all of us. The energy is something everyone can even feel. We were all meant to do the show and most of all we share the same bond off screen as well. This is something I have not felt in a very long time and the show is really special to all of us.
•    Define yourself?
•    I am someone who smiles for no reason. And most people also say I have a beautiful smile.