Tere Liye Bro_​The trio is all set to define Brotherhood and Friendship goals


The trio is all set to define Brotherhood and Friendship goals
After the untimely demise of Aniket, his sister Anika has finally convinced Vineeth and Farhan to let go of their sadness. Knowing their friend, both Vineeth and Farhan realize that Aniket would not have liked to see them grieve if he was alive. This pushes them to make a plan dedicated to their friend. But old habits die hard, Farhaan, Vineeth and Anika still struggle to make time out of their busy schedules to implement the plan. However, they feel some positive energy around them that pushes them to get up and do something. The three finally set their foot on a journey which is all set to define friendship goals.

The first wish they have on the list is about a person whom Aniket always admired. He always wanted to have a nice conversation with this admirer. It seems like a task but since their friendship is about going an extra mile for a friend, the trio will be seen fighting all odds to get this done.

To watch the three take on this interesting route, stay tuned to the upcoming episode of Tere Liye Bro on Friday at 7pm only on bindass -- linear and digital platforms.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017