Television's newest and most admired Jodi seen on Azaad's Pavitra Bharose Ka Safar

Television's newest and most admired Jodi seen on Azaad's Pavitra Bharose Ka Safar
Shaily Priya and Sheezan Mohammed.

Television's newest and most admired Jodi seen on Azaad's Pavitra Bharose Ka Safar are the current young talents who are the talk of the town, Shaily Priya & Sheezan Mohammed. Here, they talk about their character and why the show is one is proving to be unmissable on television.
Shaily Priya belongs to Patna, Bihar & some of her best work includes Queens hai hum,Vaishnodevi, Aapke aa jane se, Aye zindagi & also the Web series:- ‘Kaun’. Sheezan Mohd belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra & his best work includes Nazar 2, Tara from Satara, Jodha Akbar, Ek thi Rani ek tha Raja, Silsila Pyar ka, Chandra Nandini, Prithvi Vallabh.
 Pavitraa Bharose Ka Safar is a very different show and has been made with a completely different ideology, why did you agree to do it?
Shaily Priya: This show is about the struggle of a young girl. Today, most boys’ and girls’ study in co-educational schools and colleges. But still there are areas where girls have a lot of restrictions. Girls are told to only think of marriage. While I would not call it a struggle between a girl and a boy, but I feel in many places of the country girls are still only `tutored’ to get married. Pavitraa’s character tries to question the thought that men can do certain jobs while women can do certain jobs. She feels women should be given a choice on what they want to do. Pavitraa tries to fight this age-old custom, and her fight is not only against society, but even against her own parents, despite her immense love for them. The story is about Pavitraa’s journey in society, with her parents.
Most shows on TV today only talk about a girl’s journey at her in-law’s place. Very rarely do we see a girl’s journey in her own parents’ house.
 What would be the one thing that you really like about your character?
Shaily Priya: I really feel connected to my character. I am originally from Patna which is a small town. I studied in Lucknow, Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai. So, I have seen a journey from a small town to a big city and have faced the issues and challenges that go with it. Pavitraa’s story is also about a small-town girl who is from a lower middle-class family, which it makes it all the more difficult for her. I connect with Pavitraa as somewhere I have also seen the same kind of life. In fact, I completely relate to some scenes that I am enacting in the show. Which is why I feel I bring it out in a better way.
 We have already seen you in many different characters. How is this one different?
Sheezan Mohammed: I have been very lucky that I have been offered very different roles in my entire acting journey. So, when I got Pavitraa, where I am playing a Meerut ka Goonda, someone who is very proud about his authority and his status, I felt it was something I hadn’t portrayed till now. I felt it was a challenge and I decided to take it up.
How excited are you?
Shaily Priya: Very excited
Sheezan Mohammed: Very excited at the launch of the new channel and our show. And a little nervous.
 What was your reaction when you read the script?
Shaily Priya: I really wanted to do the show. I did 6-7 auditions for the role, innumerable look tests and  many  screen tests. That is when I could really portray Pavitraa. It is the channel’s dream project. I gave the audition before lockdown and we have started shooting now.
Sheezan Mohammed: When I was offered the role, I was told that it was about a youngster from Meerut. I was quite overjoyed as my grandparents are in Meerut and I have a very close connection with the city. I am portraying a character which my parents never wanted me to ever grow into, that typical Meerut boy. Hence it was a challenge. And so it is fun to portray. And I hope you like it.
 How is the off-screen chemistry and rapport and who is most fun?
Shaily Priya: Sheezan does the most masti and is a bully too. But, on screen, I give it back to him since that is what the script demands. He is the masti khor and I am the patient quiet types. I don’t like crowds and noise. He gels with people easily.
Sheezan: We vibe well. Like the same music old songs. Biggest coincidence is that we live in the same building. Which is good for both for us and the production house too.
 Message for the audience?
Sheezan: Biggest message is that please love us like you have always done.
Shaily Priya: Love us like you have always done. It’s there both on TV and OTT