Teachmint unveils ‘TeachBharat’

Aims free digitizing of 10,000+ schools

Teachmint unveils ‘TeachBharat’
Team Teachmint.

Teachmint, an education infrastructure startup and the creator of the largest, global teaching-exclusive platform, today announced the launch of its program ‘TeachBharat’ in which the company pledges to digitize 10,000+ schools in India for free. With this, Teachmint aims at enabling over 2,00,000 teachers who in turn can empower over 50 Lakh children by breaking geographical barriers and ensuring continuous learning.
Under TeachBharat, the company will enable end-to-end digitization of the identified schools through its ‘Teachmint For Institute’ offering, Teachmint’s proprietary platform designed to help institutes become future-ready. With this, the schools will be able to digitize their operations and ensure their students have continuous access to teachers and learning content at all times. TeachBharat will enable institutions to not only be able to take virtual classes but also help them create a hybrid teaching setup, to help them maximize reach and impact, including:
•    Integration of live classes with lifetime access to class recordings
•    Automating operations such as attendance, reminders, assignment sharing, test creation & evaluation to boost efficiency
•    Integration of remote as well as in-person students in a single environment
•    Unlimited access to practice questions across subjects and grades
•    Mobile-first teaching infrastructure to boost access and ease of use
To commence the initiative, Teachmint has already partnered with the administration in Punjab as well as Karnataka to power close to 1000 government schools. In addition to government partnerships, Teachmint is also aiming at partnering with NGOs, social welfare institutions and corporates with the conviction that a collaborative approach will create an ecosystem that will benefit the most vulnerable groups.
Unveiling this initiative, Mihir Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Teachmint, said, “The Indian schooling system is one of the largest in the world and caters to over 250 million students. But not every child has access to continuous learning at all times, due to a multitude of reasons. With TeachBharat, our vision is to bridge this gap and help every child have access to a teacher and, subsequently, learning opportunities which help them unlock their highest potential. Schools and the presence of a teacher are critical for a child’s development and the right digital interventions at an institute-level can bring in positive systemic changes  - from increasing the efficiency of teachers in schools to to overcoming the constraints of a fully brick and mortar classroom infrastructure.”