Synchronizing with COVID-19 pandemic

A time has come that we must coexist with the coronavirus taking some precautionary measures in a strictly manner.

Synchronizing with COVID-19 pandemic
Dr. Jagadindra Raychoudhury.

by Dr. Jagadindra Raychoudhury
Since the creation of the world many changes are going on from time to time. The world is changing and changing fast. Changes are very much prominent in health, education, technology, eating habits, outfits and so forth. The changes which are in and around are not sometimes accepted by us but sometimes certain changes gives us a feeling of uneasiness or may create anxiety. No doubt, life became more comfortable in every feature than earlier but on the other hand feeling of insecurity prevailed amidst us. We are not aware what will happen tomorrow or to our new generation. Many more such type of questions creeps in our mind and we are unable to solve the burning problem. Apart from these, another question strikes in our mind that the means which we are possessing at present status will not run for a long time. It seems that now the entire fabric of life will have to change or more correctly life will have to be redesigned. The life of the individual, the social structure, and the governance – all will have to replanned.
Human being are entirely responsible for the global changes which consist of the land, atmosphere, ocean, life , polar region etc. and out of these the top priority bestowed on tremendous increase of human population. The day itself when the ray of civilization focused on human being, they started to extract natural resources as much as they can and sometimes even cross the limit. The atrocity of human activities towards nature is gradually increasing day by day and as a result imbalance of nature is prominent in several occasions. The world is under the grip of various devastation processes which are made by nature like earthquake, flood, famine, thunder, cyclone and volcano eruption, etc. but activities which are manmade like explosion of atomic energy which creates many diseases. No doubt, at present position we are familiar with many diseases mainly different types of fevers, bacterial or viral diseases , tuberculosis and even cancer also and scientists have been inventing specific medicines in time to time to prevent those diseases but unable to prevent the newly occurred deadly corona virus (covid 19) till this date . The coronavirus is widely spread across the globe within a very short span of time and several laces of people died due to this deadly virus worldwide. The coronavirus creates a panic amidst human population and its effect is so extensive that government authorities compelled to declare a complete lockdown process initially for a certain period of time. As the lockdown process are relaxing gradually in a phase manner with certain rules imposed for general public like maintaining social distancing, wearing musk, using hand sanitizer frequently and staying at home without business might have prevented the spreading of the diseases to some extent. It is a great experience for the people regarding this deadly virus which was not familiar for the last several centuries. The outbreak of coronavirus is supposed to believe in the virology department of Wuhan city in China but they are not allowing investigating the matter properly to the outsiders. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also failed to intimate the news of viral infection in proper time and as a result not a single country got sufficient time to setup proper precautionary measures. Under this state of affairs the USA, the main contributor of WHO has denied to extend their financial aid in future prospective which will be a great hammering to the world health organization. WHO has been getting 76% of the total amount regularly from USA.
The first and foremost part is the world’s economy which is lost to a great extent during the novel coronavirus makes great changes. Besides this, other changes are more prominent in health sector, education system, and loss of jobs in private sectors and so forth. The government of every country in the world declared a lock down strategy as a precautionary measure for not spreading the deadly virus to the general public which directly connects to the economic systems. Now, at present status the economy is interlinked worldwide so a great loss to the world communities as lockdown has been extending phase wise. All business communities have compelled to shutter down their business establishment besides food items and as a result many workers become jobless and have to face financial crunch for not getting their salary for several months. The impact of covid 19 on the global economy was swift and substantial. This time around, tech companies command much of the market, and many of them experiencing stability, if not growth. According to International Monitory Fund (IMF), the global economy is expected to shrink by over 3% in 2020- the steepest slowdown since the great depression of the 1930s. The main economic disruption occurs due to covid 19 pandemic which stop the vitality of the economic growth and its impact is much more evident in our social life also. Agriculture sectors and fisheries are also affected inevitable as the products could not be sold during lockdown period. It is to be worth mentioning that the countries that followed strictly the lockdown process and social distancing, the percentage of affected viral disease are very less along with the mortality rate. A good number of viral affected patients are recovering in due course of time. 
The most distressing drawback smacked in our education system because this is the time where admission from primary level to high school level would have been started when the coronavirus out broke. The regular classes of colleges and universities become vulnerable due to the sudden lockdown which is also extended in a phase manner. The concerned authorities issued notice to the hostel boarders to vacate their hostel with immediate effect as precautionary measures for this deadly virus. No doubt, after certain period of time teachers have started their on line classes to compensate in a minimum means. But the poor sections of students could not take the advantage of online classes as they were deprived of android phone facilities. The personal contact between teachers and students has completely lost and as a result students’ communities are lacking of their respective courses. Now, the student communities across the globe are in a quandary position as to loss of their academic year.
Another very important change which is very much noticeable i.e. in health sectors due to this covid 19 pandemic. Most of the government hospitals and a few private one are especially arranged for the corona affected patients so less facility are provided to the other patients. Moreover, a good number of doctors, P.G. students or even the final year students are also engaged for the treatment of virus affected patients. It is worth mentioning that most of the private hospitals have denied admitting the outdoor patients during the lock down period and as a result patients are deprived of proper treatment.
The atrocity of human towards nature which create many more changes and its impact are visible across the globe but during lockdown period it is evident that the percentage of pollution abruptly cut down from its existing curve where people can breathe comfortably than earlier. We all know that it might be due to less emission of carbon dioxide for not plying vehicles and shutting down of various industries during lockdown period. 
Besides the three important sectors which mentioned above, many more changes are also evident due to novel coronavirus and it might be continued for several months or years together till the specific vaccine would be invented by scientists of world communities. But most of the government authority have implemented certain precautionary measures and ordered to follow it strictly for not spreading the coronavirus to a greater extent. A time has come that we must coexist with the coronavirus taking some precautionary measures in a strictly manner. No doubt, due to covid 19 world is changing but not as rapidly as people believe. Once Mark Twain supposedly said, “History never repeats but it often rhymes.” But it might not be a very accurate description, it is true that we can- and should use the past to inform the future.
The author Dr. Jagadindra Raychoudhury is a Guwahati based media columnist.