SUTLEJ CLUB ELECTIONS: Fate of only woman candidate Dr Sulbha Jindal and other candidates in the fray will be decided on Dec 24

The polling will take place on December 24. The counting will start immediately after the polling is completed and then results will be announced.

SUTLEJ CLUB ELECTIONS: Fate of only woman candidate Dr Sulbha Jindal and other candidates in the fray will be decided on Dec 24

Ludhiana, December 23, 2022: The fate of candidates in the fray for elections to the prestigious Sutlej Club, Ludhiana will be decided today after ballot boxes will be opened.

The polling will take place on December 24. The counting will start immediately after the polling is completed and then results will be announced.

The elections are being held under the supervision of PCS Officers namely Returning Officers (RO) Vikas Hira and ARO Jasleen Kaur.

There is a triangular fight among Dr Ajit Singh Chawla, Rakesh Kapoor and Jatinder Marwaha and for the post of general secretary.

Similarly, Subodh Batish, Rajesh Kakkar and Sanjay Kapoor are in the fray for the post of vice president.

Gurmeet Singh Kairon and Manoj Khanna are in a direct contest for the post of joint secretary.

Arjun Dhanda, Harkesh Mittal and Rattandeep Singh are trying their luck for the post of cultural secretary.

PS Walia and Dhruv Aggarwal are in a direct fight for the post of finance secretary.
Similar is the situation for the post of bar secretary as both Vivek Sharma and Bhupinder Singh Dev are in the fray.

Navtej Singh Natt and Maninder Singh Bedi are fighting against each other for the post of mess secretary.

Dr Arun Dhawan, Surinder Singh Bedi and Sanjeev Singhal are in the fray for the post of executive members. Neelam Saggar has already been declared elected unopposed for reserved executive seat for women.

In a direct contest, Dr Sulbha Jindal and Nitin Gupta are in the fray the post of sports secretary.

Interestingly, Dr Sulbha Jindal, an entrepreneur and veterinarian, is the only female contestant left in the fray with the slogan “for a better, stronger club.”  As a result, the fight for the post of sports secretary is remarkably interesting and debatable. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the outcome for this post. Perhaps this is for the first time that a female candidate is contesting for this post.

Like other candidates, Dr Sulbha has also apprised the club voters about her vision. She intends to increase participation of members in the club activities. She said current participation is low at 10 per cent, adding that her vision is that maximum members should participate in club activities. At the same time, she wanted that women and girls should be encouraged to participate more in not just social but sports activities too. Children should have a better infrastructure and support system for development in sports. She also wanted that elderly should feel safe, engaged, and happy with activities that made are available for them.

For creating a better infrastructure, she promises better equipment for gymnasium with separate shower and steam room for women, all weather swimming pool, better sports equipment, and introduction of newer sports infrastructure.

Dr Sulbha also promises to work for Hygiene and maintenance stating that she will ensure cleanliness of the various facilities, the play areas and especially the washrooms and general maintenance and repairs like paint-peeling off, leaking roofs, unpleasant odor, broken/damaged courts, torn and dirty mats. She also promises for an easy access to facilities used by elderly.

During her campaign, Dr Sulbha is giving special emphasis on sports. She said, “I intend to create proper infrastructure for athletics and games like Javelin and Track. I plan on offering members of our club and their families a professional level training. Who knows, we might have a Dutee Chand or Neeraj Chopra amongst us.”

Dr Sulbha Jindal is front runner for the Sports Secretary post.

Kamal Oswal, Onkar Singh Pahwa, Dinesh Oswal, Gagan Khanna, Anoop Bector, Sanjeev Garg, Rajesh Aggarwal, Mickey Auluck, Sandeep Jain, Harpreet Sandhu, Arun Sharma, Jasbir Bhai, Ashwani Joshi, TS Thapar, Akhil Malhotra, Neeraj Satija, Hemant Sood, Amit Thapar, Ashish Aggarwal, Steven Soni, Sanjeev Vohra, Ruchi Bawa, Sanjay Arora (Balla), Ritesh Arora, Rajeev Arora, Rishi Oswal, Jugnu Jain, Vicky Jain, Rakesh Goyal, Sunny Bhalla, Nishant Jairath, Sachin Bembi, Sanjay Mahindru (Bumpy), Dr Sandeep Puri, Dr Gurpreet Wander, Dr Ashish Ahuja, Dr Bishav Mohan, Dr Gurpreet Brar, Dr Raju Singh, Dr Dinesh Gupta, Rajiv Nayyar, Ripul Nayyar, Arvind Nayyar, Sanjay Nayyar (Lucky), Mukesh Jain, Anil Jain (Neela), Rajinder Jain (Babla), Pinky Malhotra, Prem Tagra, Sameer Dhir, Puneet Dhir, Rohan Dhir, Girish Kapoor, Deepak Jain, Shrenik Jain, Neeraj Jain, Ekta Jain, Sandeep Jain (Bobby), Sunil Jain (Sheela), Ajay Singal, Anil Singal, Globe Batra, Pardeep Sareen, Daljit Singh, Deepak Kalra, Krishan Kansal, Vinod Kansal, Nitin Kansal, Rajat Kansal, Rakesh Kansal, Raghav Kansal, Vinod Jain, Aman Seth, Rajeev Garg, Nitin Dada, Vinay Jain, Nimesh Gupta, Jatiender (Hira), Harish Pawa, Deepak Bakshi, Pawan Sethi, Karan Bal, Neeraj Malhotra (Neeru), Tipsi Bal, Bonny Randev, Pardeep Aggarwal, Bhupinder Basant, Rahul Aggarwal, Ruby Nota, HPS Chawla, Sanjeev Kaushal, Happy Garg, Tony Malhotra, Rajeev Bhalla, Sanjeev Bhalla, Amit Bhalla, Sonu Nagpal, Rajesh Aggarwal, Ragunath Nayyer, Sanjay Talwar, Pruthi Family and Nanda Family, Radhika Jetwani and Goti are among those who are supporting Dr Sulbha.

Sanjeev Arora, MP (Rajya Sabha) has made an appeal to his club fellow members to use their right to franchise in the club elections. He requested everyone to take out time from their busy schedule and vote in this prestigious club. He said this is the right time for the club members to elect office-bearers of their choice who could lead the club towards the right direction. A right leader can lead the institution in a right manner to new heights, he remarked.