Success Guru AK Mishra to deliver talk on “Take Charge of Life” in Amity University

New Delhi, January 20, 2015: With his vision to take his audience to the heights of success and break their inbuilt myths of impossibilities, and fears in terms of achieving their goals, AK Mishra is all set to deliver his talk on the most important topic of his foundation course “Take charge of life”. 
The session will be organised by AK Mishra’s Art of Success team in collaboration with Amity University, at the Auditorium (i2), Amity University, on January 22 from 2 pm to 5 pm. 
AK Mishra, who is popularly known as Success Guru among his audience will be the chief speaker of the seminar. While providing an insight on his foundation 
course “Take charge of Life”, he will discuss the dilemmas people suffer from in taking right decisions at each given point in Life, and one should always listen to the inner voice of their heart and no matter how challenging the obstacles are one should keep moving on to traverse the terrain of each particular part of the journey. 
During a talk with AK Mishra on the topic of the seminar, he shared “Power to think is the greatest power that human beings have. This is the power that makes one looser or achiever depending on his direction of being negative or positive. Having faith in self is an intense positive thinking and talking to yourself is even greater an opportunity in discovering the best of you. Therefore be a navigator of your own thinking and be ready for all wonders in your life”. 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015