Success as package comprises of many things and talent alone doesn’t work: Padma Shri awardee Narain Karthikeyan  

Success as package comprises of many things and talent alone doesn’t work: Padma Shri awardee Narain Karthikeyan  
Usharani Manne, Chairperson, FLO Hyd_ Tania Sachdev, International Master, Women Grandmaster, Arjuna Awardee_ Narain Karthikeyan, India's first Formula One Driver_ Priya Gazdar, Secretary, FLO Hyderabad.

Narain is working on reviving Speed NK Racing Academy to nurture young talent
Hyderabad: Success is a combination of many things. Mental agility, self-discipline....everything put together, it is a package and talent alone doesn’t work, said the 43 years old,  racing driver who was the first Formula One driver from India. He said this while participating in FLO Hyderabad's online interactive session “The Winning Strategy” along with Tania Sachdev, Arjuna Awardee, International Master and Woman Grand Master.
Moderated by Usharani Manne, Chairperson and Priya Gazdar, Hon. Secretary, replying to a rapid-fire question on advice to drivers, Narain said the much-awaited recognition, recognising motorsport as a sport by the Government of India about a few years back is encouraging more and more to get into it. And there is no set formula for success. It is a combination of many qualities. Talent is a prerequisite but you need many other things.
Replying to the same question, Tania Sachdev said no simple, ready or easy to follow the recipe for success is available. There is no substitute to hard work. Chess is a mind game, still, you need to be physically fit to work long. Everyone has their own formula, she added
Not to focus on the result, winning or losing, instead focus on making the right moves, she added.
Organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation, the session evoked a lot of interest from FLO members. Well over 80 took part and put many questions to both the guests.
When drawn attention to online chess versus Classical or Traditional chess, Tania said, when tournaments are not happening, this is the good way to engage fans. It caters to the fun aspect of the sport. I prefer a board game online. Online no doubt is an exciting format. Slowly some players are also adapting to it, but differently. Artificial Intelligence is playing a big role. It is man versus machine. But it is not the competition between the two. Working with AI makes one a strong player, she opined.
Speaking on Chess players automatically assumed to possess a high IQ and How important it is to combine EQ with it, Tania said there is no doubt chess players have high IQ. Players develop certain intelligence, set of mental skills. And quickly added that high IQ is not required to become a Chess Player. You need to have control over your nerves. It is not an emotional sport.
Both the internationally acclaimed players speaking on gender bias spoke in unison that sports break gender bias. Gender doesn’t matter much in motorsport, though it is right now dominated by men, said Narain.
Narain shared that he was working on reviving Speed NK Racing Academy. As the year 2020 was washed out due to the outbreak of the COVID, it gave him some time to focus on the academy.
To a sport that has given me so much, I firmly believe in giving back and contributing a bit to the development of Indian motorsport, he shared.
Through Speed NK Racing Academy, Narain plans to nurture young talent to make it big in the racing arena.
Speed NK Racing Academy is focused on taking Indian motorsport in the right direction.
Welcoming the gathering comparing both Formula 1 and Chess with each other, quoting Saul Miller, Priya Gazdar said Formula One is "like playing chess at 150 miles an hour."
On comparing Formula 1 to Chess, Priya reminded what Ross Brawn, the master strategist behind Michael Schumacher’s 91 victories once said, “In some ways race strategy is the same as chess,"