Stylam launches anti-finger print laminate ‘TouchMe’

It is type of high pressure laminate 

Stylam launches anti-finger print laminate ‘TouchMe’

Panchkula: Standing true to its vision for touching the new heights of innovation, Panchkula based Stylam Industries has introduced an anti-finger print laminates- TouchMe.

It is a type of high pressure laminate that is used in the most demanding interior design applications. A unique technology during manufacturing ensures that the fingerprint marks are never seen thereby reducing care and maintenance required for your beautiful surfaces. This stunning yet highly durable smooth surface is impact, scratch and heat resistant. It is much easy to clean and feels soft on the surface

Mr. Manav, Director, Stylam Industries said that no one wants to see stains and finger marks on laminate surface that you have installed. But the truth is that you leave your trace behind. But now you don’t have to worry about fingerprint marks on your favorite surface, as TouchMe – anti-finger print laminates repel fingerprints to maintain their beauty.

The newly introduced laminate has been manufactured at Stylam 44-acre’s plant at Manak Tabra in Panchkula district which is Asia’s largest laminates manufacturing plant with total production capacity of 15 million sheets per Annum. These laminates are made from a hot coating machine made with patented technology by KLEIBERIT and BARBERAN, the two well renowned names in industrial innovation. In fact with the prominent German technology tough, beautiful and maintenance free decorative laminates are not a fiction anymore.

This 60 meters Lacquer line plant uses KLEIBERIT's hot coating adhesive imported from Germany and special roller coating spray-pump technology to apply the most demanded MR+ high-gloss, super matt, and anti-fingerprint finishing on the laminates with high precision.

This treatment improves the overall quality, lifetime, and versatility of the laminates, reasserting Stylam's promise of delivering new and high-class living standards for our valuable customers.

The final products from this division undergo rigorous testing to make sure they exceed all quality standards, withstand the test of time, and substantially reduce the effort and time required for care & maintenance by the end consumer.

Having a keen focus on inventing designs and products of the highest standard, our team of architects and interior designers work tirelessly toward a common goal to give our customers the freedom to style their spaces in every possible fashion, asserted Mr. Manav Gupta- Director, Stylam Industries.