Sakshi – an NGO, working towards preventing child sexual abuse, launches music video ‘It Has To Be’

The video spreads awareness against child sexual abuse during Covid-19 lockdown

Sakshi – an NGO, working towards preventing child sexual abuse, launches music video ‘It Has To Be’

Delhi: Sakshi - a rights based NGO, working towards preventing child sexual abuse, has launched a music video ‘It Has To Be’ under its digital campaign #MakeHomeASafeSpace, which brings to light the safety issues of children during lockdown. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, when every individual is required to stay at home for ‘safety’ purposes, it becomes important to make home an actual “safe space” for children, especially when 1 out of 2 children in India, have experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18.

The Music video is written and conceived by Sanjiv Sharma, the producer of Indian Idol, Comedy Circus and several other shows and an active board member of Sakshi. He recently took to Twitter to express gratitude to notable celebrities such as Sonakshi Sinha, R Madhavan, Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta, Sonu Nigam and Pooja Batra for being a part of the campaign. In the video, the celebrities are urging the audience to take action to prevent Child Abuse and make homes a safe space, through the hook line “Let’s do what it takes. Let’s do what we can.” The video was posted by Sonakshi Sinha through her Instagram page and Twitter handles and has received over 2,97,000 views so far. The music video also urges the viewer to click a link in the description where the audience can actively participate by 1) Watching a video of the work that Sakshi is doing 2) Registering for a Free Webinar 3) Engaging with the work 4) Donating to make a home safe. 

On the launch of the video, Sanjiv Sharma, Board Member, Sakshi said, “I am lucky to have worked on both, Brand Building and Pure Content in my professional career. I feel blessed that I can put this expertise that I’ve acquired over four decades to the meaningful work we do at Sakshi. I feel even more blessed that my friends from the Media & Entertainment world have joined for the ‘It Has To Be’ music video, a part of the #MakeHomeASafeSpace digital campaign”.

On her participation in ‘It Has To Be’ video, Neena Gupta, veteran Bollywood actress said, “Sanjiv Sharma and I have worked together in a show called Ladies Special. I was happy to learn that someone from my fraternity was spending all this time to work on a cause that really needs the attention.  From him, I learnt that Sakshi has done pioneering work in Gender Equality and Child Sexual Abuse in India.  I am really happy to support Sakshi in this effort and join them to help build a safer world”, says Neena Gupta, veteran Bollywood actress.”

Talking about the campaign, Smita Bharti, Executive Director, Sakshi, “While we all understand that a safe space is marked by empathy and non-judgmental acceptance, it is also important to note that these are spaces where you should not have to explain the harm you have experienced, where your voice is heard and has meaning and your sense of self remains intact. For Sakshi, equality is the founding principle upon which all human rights are built.  Our core focus is to create a right based approach with peace building initiatives to bring about sustainable social change.  In the last couple of years we have very strategically expanded our relationships and partnership to bring on communication experts, who can help us deliver this message”.

According to a reliable report quoting Childline India (Ministry of Women and Child Development), within a period of 21 days (March 20th to April 10th) of lockdown, over 92000 SOS calls have been reported against Child Abuse. In an attempt to raise awareness and prevent such a breakdown, Sakshi has released a Music Video and an Influencer Campaign with several famous faces talking about the importance of an accountable adult community, which is alert, informed and vigilant to secure their homes against potential abuse of children. The initiative also aims to raise funds for the #MakeHomeASafeSpace Campaign, launched in April 2020. Eventually, the campaign aims at raising awareness, offering tools and education to be Active Bystanders and to raise funds to make homes free from child sexual abuse. 

Sakshi, also organizes Free Webinars every Sundays at 3:00 p.m. in English and Hindi languages, alternate weeks, is an immersive and engaging experience aimed to equip the masses to Prevent, Prohibit and Resolve Child Sexual Abuse.