Rishika Mihani as Vishpreet in Sony SAB's Ichhapyaari Naagin


Rishika Mihani as Vishpreet in Sony SAB's Ichhapyaari Naagin.

Rishika Mihani currently seen as Divya in Sony SAB’s Ichhapyaari Naagin will be seen in a negative role as a Naagin in the show. Here is a brief interview with her.

Tell us about your character in brief.
My character Vishpreet, a Naagin who belongs to Vishailgadh. She is Vishaili and Vishnaini’s sister. Just like them, she comes to earth to take revenge on Ichha and the Prataap Family. She takes the human form as Divya to enter the Prataap house. She enters and spread positivity in the beginning to get in the good books of Praatap Family.

How do you feel working for Ichhapyaari Naagin?
It feels good to be part of an established show like Ichhapyaari Naagin. Sony SAB is like family, but I never got the opportunity to work with them. Now that I am a part of Sony SAB and this wonderful cast and crew I feel lucky to be associated with them. The atmosphere on the set I very positive.

Why did you choose to play a character like Naagin?
I heard a lot about the Naagin trend in the Television Industry and I always wanted to try portraying a Naagin character. I wanted to see how I would look in a Naagin Character and because of the show Ichhapyaari Naagin I got the opportunity to play Vishpreet. I love the look and feel of the character.

Your sister Muskaan Mihani has been associated with Sony SAB for a long time and she is known for her comedy. Does that create any pressure for you?
Yes, I was initially under a lot of pressure. Living up to my sister’s reputation has been my biggest challenge. Inspired by my sister’s ravishing performances, I got the urge to try comedy. Coincidently, I am doing my first comedy show with Sony SAB. My sister has a lot of expectation from me, I just hope she likes my performance.

Does Comedy come easy to you?
I don’t know. I haven’t got the opportunity to do a full-fledged comedy role. I am sure it will be task because using glycerin and crying is easy but making someone laugh and laughing at yourself is not at all easy. Whenever I see Khadak (Badrul Islam) acting funny for his role, I immediately start laughing. I can’t control my laughter in between the shots whenever there is a funny line .

How was your first day on the set?
First day on the set was very pleasant. Everyone on the set were understanding and cooperative. The atmosphere was so positive that anyone can easily blend in. I connected instantly with Dadi as I was shooting with her on my first day. Just like on screen the entire cast spreads happiness even off screen.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017