Realty Experts Quotes on Construction ban in Delhi-NCR will delay projects

Realty Experts Quotes on Construction ban in Delhi-NCR will delay projects

Mohit Goel, MD, Omaxe Group
Delhi-NCR is brimming with pollution, and the construction ban has emerged as a move by the government to tackle the worsening air quality. Though it is the need of the hour if we look at environmental conservation, for the real estate sector, it will pose a challenge as the delivery of the ongoing projects will be delayed due to the month-long ban. However, we shall try to continue carrying out activities that do not contribute to environmental degradation, such as the installation of pieces of equipment, interior work, and more. This will be done only by abiding by the government’s guidelines, but we’ll have to ensure the completion of as many tasks as possible to avoid huge backlogs in the completion.

Nayan Raheja, Raheja Developers
As the authorities head to ban construction activities to balance the degrading air quality, it might pose a challenge for the real estate sector as the pace of project delivery might be affected. However, we believe that this measure is quite important to balance the rising pollution levels in and around the national capital. We hope to continue with soft activities that do not contribute to pollution to continue the construction process. Carrying out these activities will also help us keep the manpower engaged, preventing them from returning to their hometowns due to lack of work, as it becomes difficult to get ahold of them to restart the process.

Rajjath Goel, Managing Director, MRG Group said, “We acknowledge the importance of addressing air quality concerns in the Delhi-NCR region. Nevertheless, implementing a comprehensive halt on construction activities has an unintended consequence of causing considerable disruptions when it comes to project schedules. On average, a one-month ban on construction leads to project delays of at least two to three months.”
Further attributing to the importance of a more nuanced approach by prioritizing measures to control vehicular emissions and roadside dust, which are the primary contributors to pollution, he said, “This approach will help strike a balance between the imperative for cleaner air and the timely completion of housing projects, benefiting both construction firms and prospective homeowners.”

Amit Modi, Director, County Group
Delhi-NCR is grappling with a severe pollution problem, and the construction ban announcement by the government is aimed at curbing the crisis. While this move is quite essential for environmental preservation, it poses a significant challenge for the real estate sector as ongoing projects will experience delays due to the month-long ban. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuing our operations in a manner that aligns with environmental conservation and government directives. Activities such as equipment installation, interior beautification, and other non-environmentally detrimental tasks will be prioritised. Our primary objective is to complete as many tasks as possible within the guidelines to prevent substantial project delays.

Amit Sharma, National Head- 360 Realtors Franchise Business
This is a much-needed step, although it will undermine the pace of construction activities in the region. The market in NCR is recovering after a longtime and such a move might not be in the longer health of the sector. A prudent alternative could have been to see things on a case-by-case basis.

Manoj Gaur, President - CREDAI NCR & CMD Gaurs Group
"CREDAI recommends that all its member developers adhere to the prescribed measures, including water sprinkling and the use of green net coverings, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the NGT and Central Pollution Control Board. We anticipate that developers will comply with the directives issued by different government agencies during the GRAP period. It is worth noting that vehicular pollution and road dust are the primary sources of pollution that require effective management and control."