RCF manufactures Double Decker Coach with 160 kmph speed potential

This Double Decker Coach with 160 kmph speed potential was rolled out today

RCF manufactures Double Decker Coach with 160 kmph speed potential
DD Coach being rolled out in the presence of Ravinder Gupta, GM RCF.

Kapurthala: Amid the Covid-19 crisis, wherein the whole world is going through a sharp decline in industrial growth, RCF has fought all odds to show its resilience in face of such adversity and shown accelerated growth in coach production during these times owing to the sheer grit, perseverance and dedication of its determined manpower. With the never give up attitude of its workforce, RCF has in fact risen higher by producing Post-Covid coaches, a lighter version of Parcel coaches to name a few innovations.

Today, RCF is rolling out a semi high-speed double decker coach capable which has the potential of running at top speed of 160 kmph and has many novel advanced features in its design. With significant inputs having gone into upgradation of tracks and signaling system over Indian Railways, it is necessary to develop designs of passenger coaches that can carry more and more passengers in a single train in shortest possible time. The double decker coach rolled out today by RCF is specially aimed at fulfilling these requirements especially for the busiest routes. 
To make the passengers’ travel pleasant and comfortable, this new double decker coach is equipped with most modern amenities and design. With a total capacity of 120 seats, the upper deck can seat 50 passengers while lower deck has 48 seats. The middle deck on the rear ends has 16 seats on one side and 6 seats on the other. It has transverse 3 x 2 seating with adequate legroom, optimized aisle width for a comfortable journey, plush interiors, overhead luggage rack, mobile and laptop charging sockets, GPS based Passenger Information System and LED destination board among other Passenger-centric-features. Entry to passenger area is through automatic sliding doors. A Mini pantry too has been built in each coach to store and serve hot or chilled refreshments to passengers. 

Literally riding on air, the coach has advanced state-of-the-art air spring suspension system fitted on the advanced FIAT design of bogies. These  160 kN air springs ensure smooth and safe journey for the passengers. Additionally, CCTV cameras and Fire and Smoke Detection System have been installed for safety and security of onboard passengers. 

What is noteworthy is that RCF is the one and only Production Unit in India which has produced Double Decker coaches for the Indian Railways. First batch of Non-AC Double Decker coaches were manufactured by RCF on conventional “ICF-type” design pattern in 1990’s. Thereafter, the first AC Double Decker coach with 130 kmph speed potential was rolled out in March’2010. Later in March’2019, UDAY Double Decker coaches were produced with more features. 

This Double Decker Coach with 160 kmph speed potential was rolled out today in presence of RCF’s General Manger Sh. Ravinder Gupta. The coach will be sent to Research & Design Standard Organization (RDSO Lucknow) for further oscillation trials before putting in commercial service. /(Rajat Kumar, Jalandhar)