Ray’s new look fulfils my childhood wish to have superpowers

Says Shoaib Ali about his new look on Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

Ray’s new look fulfils my childhood wish to have superpowers
Shoaib Ali as Ray in Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns.

Television heartthrob, Shoaib Ali is adored by his fans for his performance as the notorious and powerful Ray in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns. The actor has been charming us with his dashing looks and striking performances as Baalveer’s biggest nemesis in the new underwater world of the show. 
Marking a new chapter in Baalveer’s life, the new season also takes the viewers through Baalveer’s college life where Dev Joshi along with Shoaib Ali and Anahita Bhooshan are seen in their casual best. Shoaib Ali, who plays the role of Ray, recently witnessed a transition where he emerged as the most powerful opponent that Baalveer has ever come across. The transition revealed Shoaib’s new avatar.
Essaying the role of the biggest threat from the underwater world of Shinkai, he will now be seen in a supervillain look. Shoaib, who has an edgy and classic style in real life, enjoys transforming into this royal fantasy look for the show.
Talking about his character and new look, Shoaib said, “This is my first fantasy show and as a child, I was always fascinated with the fictional characters with powers. Playing the character of immensely powerful Ray is like a childhood wish coming to life. Ray is young, charismatic and handsome, but there is more to him than meets the eye. The new look has been beautifully created with utmost precision and care. It includes all the elements of water and makes the character look royal and edgy. This new transformation of Ray is massive as he now possesses ultimate power against Baalveer.”
Sharing his thoughts on his new outfit, Shoaib said, “It was a lot challenging for me to wear the costume the first day since I am not used to wear an outfit that has so many accessories and parts to it. But as I went through the day, I got used to it. I observed how the costume does justice to my character’s transition. Ray’s look includes the subtle elements of water blended into a warriors outfit. The hints of silver, bronze and blue in the outfit along with the headgear showcases the royal background of Ray. To give the character an edgier look, the headgear has been specially created to set the character apart. The look makes me look like a powerful prince.”
Every character in a story has a particular style that their viewers relate them with. Shoaib sharing his thought on the same, added, “Outfits play a major role in defining a character and the artiste as well. Our viewers recognize us in that attire and look. As an artiste, it helps me get into the character. As Ray keeps moving from Earth to underwater world, he also changes his avatar. This change will be evidently seen through the change in outfits. It takes me around an hour to get into the look but I can say it is totally worth it.”
When asked if he relates to his character on the show, Shoaib said, “Ray is notoriously playful yet intense and I am entirely opposite to him. I am a lot composed. I was initially worried about the kind of reactions I would receive but it has been a heartwarming feeling to see everyone love my character. Ray has made me step outside my boundaries as an artiste and it has been a great experience so far.”