Radio will be popular again only if it becomes part of drawing rooms along with cars: Nirmohi

Workshop on communication skills and radio quiz organized on world radio day

Radio will be popular again only if it becomes part of drawing rooms along with cars: Nirmohi

Chandigarh: World Radio Day organised today. On this occasion, the day was celebrated for the first time in the city at Swot Institute, Chandigarh, at Sec.36. Workshops on radio quiz, radio careers and communication skills were conducted at the institute by the well-known broadcaster Sarvapriya Nirmohi, Counselors from Eduvelocity also took a counseling session. He addressed the students Radio will be popular  again only if it becomes part of drawing rooms again along with CARS.

The former senior broadcaster of All India Radio, Sarvapriya Nirmohi, while informing the children about the history of radio, said that today  that listening radio  all day in every car was once the pride of every home. Melodius  music used to start in the houses at 5 am and people used to listen to the radio all day while getting ready, shaving and doing other tasks, but nowadays radio is limited to cars and mobiles only. But if we have to make the most use of time or keep the latest news and information from the news of the world at all times, then radio is the most appropriate and easiest means. It is also the cheapest means of entertainment.

Vandana Bakshi, spokesperson of the Radio Listers Club and director of SWOT Institute, said that radio has played its important role all the time, whether it is war or peacetime or any natural disaster. Radio has also contributed significantly in making the public aware. Therefore, it is necessary to celebrate on a large scale given the importance of radio.
On this occasion, the popular Human Rights Council (IHRC), Chandigarh, was honored by the President of IHRC and philanthropist Lalit Bajaj in recognition of his services and contribution in the field of radio broadcasting.

Earlier, All India Radio's former senior broadcaster Sarvapriya Nirmohi has tweeted on the call of the Radio Listeners Club, demanding that the Prime Minister celebrate the World Radio Day with great fanfare on 13 February. According to Nirmohi, the Prime Minister addresses the public every month through the Mann Ki Baat program on the radio, so World Radio Day should be held prominently.