Punjab: From pre-independence to post-independence

Punjab: From pre-independence to post-independence

Punjab was land of five rivers in the pre-independence period and its area was from Khyber Pass to Borders of Delhi and five rivers crossed through Punjab. In the post-independence period area of Punjab squeezed and with the formation of Pakistan the area of Punjab was from Wagha Border to Delhi Border. After coming in existence of two states Haryana and Himachal Pradesh the area of Punjab further squeezed and mere three Rivers Beas, Sutlej, Ravi crossed through Punjab. Since 1971 after East Pakistan was formed with a new country Bangladesh. India’s neighboring country Pakistan tried to play proxy war with India through infiltration and militancy in Punjab. Punjab had already witnessed days of militancy in eighties to nineties. People of Punjab foiled the attention of the neighboring country and maintained unity and integrity, brotherhood paving way towards a developed prosperous Punjab. As most of the Punjabis are settled abroad they with their hard labour have brought laurel to the Punjabis community. The recent incidents in Punjab have created atmosphere of uncertainty towards providing job opportunities to the unemployed youths. Punjab Government has carried out Punjab Investors Summit 2023 to woo the industrialists to open new industry in Punjab. The recent incidents can really upset the future investments plans in Punjab by renowned industrialists towards paving way for industrial revolution in Punjab. The covered areas of the Metropolitan cities are increasing manifold and the prime agriculture lands are being converted to residential areas. If the urban areas go on increasing without any checks the agriculture areas will certainly squeeze and similarly it will affect the yield of agriculture produce in coming years. 
Authored by:
Rajat Kumar Mohindru,
Jalandhar city