PUAA organizes web lecture

The theme was “Essence of being a Woman Scientist & Lessons Learnt"

PUAA organizes web lecture

Chandigarh: Panjab University Alumni Association, in collaboration with Women in Science-WISe, under the stewardship of Prof. Deepti Gupta, Dean Alumni Relations, organized a web lecture on “Essence of being a Woman Scientist & Lessons Learnt" by Dr. Meenakshi Munshi, Scientist G, HeadHRD, DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology today.

Dr. Nishima Wangoo, Asst. Prof, UIET and a member of WISe, welcomed and introduced the speaker. 

Dr. Meenakshi Munshi discussed the gender distribution in various levels of education. The ratio of males is higher in all levels except M.Phil, Post Graduate and Certificate courses. She discussed enrolment and gender ratio in science and discussed the reasons for low enrolment of women. According to UNESCO science report, women account for only 28 percent of researchers across the world. Next, she discussed that women participation can be increased by mentoring, promoting work life balance, suitable leadership programs, recognising their efforts etc. Then, Dr. Munshi explained the organization structure of the Ministry of Science and Technology and roles and responsibilities of Department of Biotechnology. She also highlighted the various opportunities that the woman scholars have in India.

Dr. Munshi shared with the audience her remarkable and inspiring career journey. She hails from Kashmir and faced many hurdles in her career but she stayed motivated and determined to reach where she is today. She remembered the role models she had in her journey and discussed the importance of mentors in life. Dr. Munshi encouraged the participants to come out of their comfort zone, take up every opportunity and seek inspiration from nature. She gave examples from her life, she had left a government job and stability to pursue her passion for research. Once when her research was not going very well she started writing articles for the newspaper. Later she wrote a book that was very successful. Such anecdotes made the lecture very inspiring. She said that even too, obstacles are a part of life and one should not be demotivated by them. She concluded by saying that one should stay strong, never give up and whatever the conditions, one must move on.

The participants thanked Dr. Munshi for the inspiring lecture and asked their questions. Dr. Munshi answered their questions and informed about the various opportunities available in research. The webinar ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Nishima Wangoo.