PU VC interacted with students and professors of New York State University 

Assured all sort of help from Panjab University to work jointly 

PU VC interacted with students and professors of New York State University 

Chandigarh: A team from New York State University comprising of  Prof of Physics ,Dr Sunil Labroo, Prof James Mills from Environmental Sustainability along with 12 students from various disciplines and departments are visiting Panjab University Campus under the study abroad program.

    Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor Interacted with the students and Professors of the New York State University and assured all sort of help from Panjab University to work jointly on the research projects and development of research facility on the campus. 

    Prof. Labroo assured VC to carry forward this initiative and work jointly with the faculty of Panjab University Chandigarh across all discipline.

    Earlier, Prof. Nandita Singh, Dean International Students welcomed them and apprised them about, India, its rich heritage, cultural diversity and Ancient Indian wisdom and culture of sustainability. 

     Prof. Priytosh Sharma from Department of History delivered a talk on Indian History and how one should perceive India. He gave number of example stating how different narratives, folk lores and epics from the ages of Ramayana, Mahabharata and prunas shaped the Indian society and how it evolved. He quoted many stories telling why India is a multicultural society. He elaborated about the causes of conflicts in Indian society and how those have been resolved keeping with the Indian traditions. 

    During their stay, the students will visit different departments and research Labs of the University. 

     Dr. Jivesh Bansal, Librarian PU showed the various resources of the Panjab University. The students from the USA are of different discipline and few students of environmental studies have shown keen interest in studying the various problems faced by the country and work to develop sustainable solutions jointly with the students of PU.

    This program is aimed to explore the possibilities of joint work opportunities.  The two Universities will work jointly on the common research program and would have frequent student exchange under Study Abroad program in future as well.