Project Usaari for development of educational institutions launched 

Team Initiators of Change launches project

Project Usaari for development of educational institutions launched 

Ludhiana: Keeping in mind the importance of education and the need to prioritize the attention on the development of educational institutions of Punjab, Team Initiators of Change launched a state wide project with the name of Project Usaari: Unfolding skills and ambitions of Rural India.

Initiators of Change with is a youth only Organization and has been working on the youth development of Punjab since 2015 launched this campaign in the presence of Dr. Sardara Singh Johl, chancellor Central University of Punjab and Gauravdeep Singh, Founder Initiators of Change National Youth Awardee at Circuit house on Wednesday. The President of Initiators of Change Ludhiana Samridhi Sharma and vice President Mithil Goyal shared about the project and introduced the team to the media.

Talking about the Project Usaari, Samridhi Sharma President Initiators of Change Ludhiana said, "This is our dream project. Over the years we have seen the students struggle in rural pockets of Punjab due to lack of facilities in schools and lack of exposure to the soft skills and various activities of personality development which we get in urban areas. Project Usaari will work on not only the soft skills development but also the infrastructure development of the government schools. We need to stop complaining to the government and start working on the things we can work on. Schools and hospitals are the basic necessities and if the government is unable to work on it due to their own financial limitations, Punjab can come together and develop them on their own. We wish to see that happening in coming years."

Talking about the execution plan of the project, Gauravdeep Singh founder Initiators of Change said, “We are signing an MOU with the Department of School education Punjab to work on the schools and we are generating the required funds from crowd funding by enrolling families in becoming monthly donors to the project. In the initial phase which is from April to August, we shall be taking 4 schools of Ludhiana District's rural areas and develop them in terms of infrastructure and the soft skills development will continue for 10 months in each school. In terms of infrastructure, we shall be setting up smart classrooms, libraries, washrooms, RO System and beautifying the outer walls with graffiti on each school we adopt.”

Renowned educationist and Agriculture- Economist Dr Sardara Singh Johl who specially came to support the young team for the cause said, “The government needs to work with more such bodies and Organizations and support them in the work they are doing. We need youth to come forward and fix the deteriorating educational structure of the state. This unique exchange of knowledge between and urban and rural students will definitely be beneficial for the overall growth of the state. Basic infrastructure is must in every school and not only this young team but whole Punjab should come together and work on providing the basic structures for our students to grow.” /(Feb 26)