Pre-budget expectations for the real estate sector

Pre-budget expectations for the real estate sector
Sandeep Runwal.

by Sandeep Runwal - President, NAREDCO Maharashtra and Managing Director, Runwal Group

"Real estate being the second-highest employment generator and contributing more than 8 percent to the economy, the expectations from the 2022-23 budget are high and the industry is awaiting big announcements that will alter the future of the real estate sector.

The Central and State governments rolled out several reforms and incentives during the past year to revive the economy from the ill effects of the pandemic.

The Government will continue to put in its sincere efforts in pushing affordable housing. The cap of Rs. 2 lakh per annum against interest rate deduction under section 24(b) of the Act needs to be hiked to at least Rs. 5 lakh along with removing the 45 lakh cap from affordable housing, which will boost the affordable and mid-segment housing in a big way.

We also expect the government to continue promoting the affordable rental housing schemes by announcing tax reliefs for rental housing projects, which will fast track the pace of investments in these schemes. The Government's commitment to boost both affordable and rental housing will help achieve their overall goal of Housing for All. We expect the Government to introduce tax sops for first-time homebuyers and look forward to re-introducing GST with an input tax credit on under-construction properties that will generate demand among homebuyers. There is a specific need for tax relief to spur significant real estate growth, along with single window clearance and lowering of home loan interest rates that will definitely go a long way in improving the market sentiments. We also urge the Government to reintroduce subvention schemes, helping the homebuyers to align their payments and encourage them to take a decision on home buying.

The quantum of the SWAMIH stress fund needs to be enhanced along with strengthening the financing institutions to generate adequate liquidity and help the completion of stuck realty projects.

In addition, the ‘industry status’ for real estate has been the long-standing demand by the sector; we anticipate that the Government can address this concern too.

Overall, the industry expects the Government to take substantial measures to strengthen the real estate sector as well as the entire economy, by addressing critical issues, ensuring job creation, and sustaining growth."