Pop trio ‘Rawmats’ announces their new single ‘Kyu Kehti Ho’

The boys are all set to revamp the indie pop culture in India

Pop trio ‘Rawmats’ announces their new single ‘Kyu Kehti Ho’

Mumbai: In recent times, the Indian audience has started accepting the influence of the most happening genre of the music sector – Indie Pop Music, massively. At a time when social media platform like YouTube is being a medium for India’s aspiring Independent artists to promote their music globally, sustainability has become a great struggle for artists because of the tough competition available. 

One such budding Indian Pop band, revamping the indie Pop music scenario in recent times, is Qyuki’s popular creators, ‘Rawmats’ — comprising vocalist Krishna Singh, drummer Robin Raturi and guitarist Amit Rawat. The well Known Pop trio are back again with their new eye-catching romantic single ‘Kyu Kehti Ho’ that released on Rawamat’s official YouTube channel. Directed by Manish Chauhan, the new uber urban music video redefines the way one expresses love in today’s world. 

They Indie Pop band started their journey with cover songs on YouTube and got their first mega hit “Chudi jo Khanke” in 2019. 

Their music video ‘Sun Meri Shehzaadi’ released in 2020 has surpassed millions of views on YouTube and garnered a massive fan base for them on social media. Started in 2015, the band’s name is derived from the concept of raw materials as the trio believes their music is raw and they’re open to evolution as they tread the yellow brick road. 

Their idea was to recreate songs that were huge hits at the time but are forgotten now. They named their recreation as ‘Refix’ and that experiment worked like magic for them. After that they announced their debut album “Since 2017” in 2020 to start their journey as an independent band in original music. This was just the beginning for Rawmats. 

After making the internet fall in love with them, the pop trio is now dreaming big for their original releases. Next up for the regional collective is the music video for Kitne Pass Ho Mere. Fans can expect this release super soon.