PAU holds training course for J&K farmers

Ludhiana, January 29, 2013: To acquaint the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir with the “Production, Marketing and Post-Harvest Management of Fruits, Vegetables and Flower Crops,” the Directorate of Extension Education of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has organized a five-day training course under the auspices of Horticulture Technology Mission (HTM). Nearly 60 farmers from Jammu and Kashmir are participating in the training course.

Addressing the participants, Dr M.S. Gill, Director of Extension Education, said that the Punjab farmers are leading in agriculture and allied sectors. At the same time, Jammu and Kashmir farmers are also progressing in floriculture and vegetable production, he said, adding that the cultivation of horticultural crops holds enormous scope in terms of crop diversification and income generation. The training will be of immense benefit to all the trainees and will boost the processing of horticultural crops, stated Dr Gill.

Giving course details, Dr T.S. Riar, Course Coordinator, said that the subject-experts of PAU will highlight the scope of vegetable and fruit cultivation in addition to floriculture and landscaping. Besides, the participating farmers will be familiarised with flower seed production of annuals and chrysanthemum, disease management of ornamental plants, cultivation of capsicum and tomato in net and poly houses, cultivation of vegetables in low tunnels, and management and latest production technologies of mango and litchi.

Dr Riar further told that apart from dwelling upon pruning, rejuvenation and intercropping in orchards, the experts will shed light on harvesting, grading, packaging and storage of fruits; and canning of fruits and vegetables.

The trainees will be visiting PAU nursery, vegetable farm, Department of Food Science and Technology, and Punjab Horticulture Post-Harvest Technology Centre (PHPTC) for practical experience.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013