Pamper Your Skin With These Recommended Facial Peels

(By Dr Prabhu Mishra, CEO, Co-Founder, StemGenn Therapeutics)

We all want to look our best, always. Good looks give us poise and confidence, whether it is at work, at a party or any
other special occasion. A glowing skin is an intrinsic part of an impressive look. But how can you ensure that ones skin looks radiant? Facial peels are the only sure shot way. They breathe a new life into skin and make us look parlor ready. They are affordable and quick. There are many options available which makes choosing the right one a difficult task. There is absolutely no need to fret as we have got you covered.

Gel with Retinoic acid Facial Peel

Don’t be dismayed to see a chemical peel restrict right on top. Retinoic acid Facial Peel is a wise choice for people who want a lifting effect. It is a sure shot way to improve texture of your skin. Retinoic acid facial peel will drill the cells to perform better and leave everyone envious. It comes out as natural and would instantly compliment the makeup that goes for every celebration.

Transform with Glycolic Acid Peel

It is the mother of all peels when it comes to complementing all skin types. It ingests into the skin and peels off the dead cells on the epidermis (skin) which results in a glowing skin. It is recommended for both young and the elderly. The deep penetration offered by glycolic acid peel is long lasting and is perfect for Diwali and post Diwali celebrations. It is the most popular choice in the beauty care industry.

Reboot with Phenol peel

Even with constant care and pampering, the carbon surrounding the atmosphere invades our skin to make it look dull. But you can’t afford to look sallow on Diwali .Phenol could come to your rescue. It shields the skin against carbon, the prime reason for dullness of the skin. It provides anti-aging and curative effect. Its result can last upto 10 years but application should be done under close observation since it is a highly specialsed procedure.

Elegant Milk Facial Peel

Standing true to its name, Milk facial peel is often a favorite amongst users for its affordability and effectiveness. It battles against both oily and dry skin to even out any imperfection. It gives a fresh boost of confidence to the user as it includes glycolic, salicylic as well as lactic acid that are known as skin boosters. It is a gentle but effective treatment and significantly covers large pores, acne, and pigmentation combating sun damage as well. The time taken for application is just 20 minutes but it assures a long lasting effect.

Radiate with Apple Facial Peel

Rejuvenating the skin in an instant is undoubtedly possible with this miracle of a facial feel. Apple contains beneficial micronutrients, minerals, vitamins that provide a calming effect on the skin. It smoothens scars and wrinkles while increasing the flexibility of the often stiff skin making it suppler. It is the constant favorite for casual outings and proves to be relaxing on the skin.

Thursday, October 26, 2017